Coming sobbing and hugging Ashanty, Aurel Hermansyah announces sad news, Anang’s wife begs netizens: ask for help by Allah – all pages

Sosok.IDAurel Hermansyah preach unpleasant news until Ashanty hands down.

Atta Halilintar’s lover came to complain to his mother, because his valuables were not found.

Apparently, this thing meant not only for Aurel, but also for him Ashanty.

Anang Hermansyah’s wife said there was a special meaning contained in Aurel’s missing items.

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Ashanty even announced the contest. He promised to give a reward to whoever found it.

This bad news was conveyed by Aurel and Ashanty through a vlog that aired on the YouTube channel The Hermansyah A6, Monday (16/11/2020).

Arriving with a face full of gloom, Aurel sobbed and regretted the missing necklace.

He hugged Ashanty sadly.

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Not a random necklace, it is a gift given by Ashanty which contains gold and diamonds.

“Bun … lucky me,” said Aurel crying, quoted from YouTube The Hermasnyah A6, quoted via GridFame.ID.

“Again sad guys, the necklace (writing) of Allah, brother is missing, make those who find it wherever your necklace is on pouch black, “said Ashanty giving an announcement to netizens who watched YouTube broadcasts.

Ashanty said that the necklace could not be sold because there was a special code in it.

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He begged whoever found him to immediately return the precious necklace.

“He has diamonds and gold, but for sale, we can’t be sure to find out because there is a code. For example, if you meet him on the street or anywhere, please reverse it,” he asked.

Unable to see her daughter sobbing, Ashanty then promised a gift to the discoverers.

He did not specify the prize that would be given, but said it would be extraordinary.

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“Later, if you turn it around, I will give you a reward. I will give you an extraordinary gift. Because for me it means extraordinary,” said Ashanty.

The meaning that cannot be assessed materially is the reason Ashanty asks that the necklace be returned by the inventor.

He even said the name of God at the end of his sentence as if emphasizing that the necklace meant a lot to him and Aurel.

“Already, there is a code, if it is reported by the police it will definitely be tracked. I will give you 2 weeks for finding it, not taking it, please return it. I will give a gift, promise.”

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“That necklace is a twin with my brother, I really ask for help by Allah,” he added.

Admittedly Ashanty, Aurel is a person who tends to be careless and often forgets to keep things.

Necklace Aurel realized it was only 3 days later.


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