Coming to the U.S. for vaccines?Professor of Medicine in the U.S.: Pros and cons should be carefully considered

A doctor practicing in Taichung sent an email today: Professor Lin: Hello. Recently, because of the new crown epidemic, some people ran back to (to) the United States, always saying that the United States is safer than Taiwan. Santa Clara county 6/4 Covid confirmed 39 people, and the number of people diagnosed in one day is more than that of Taichung. What’s more, Taichung has more population than Santa Clara county, but everyone has always said that the United States is safe (there are still 20,000 people diagnosed a day in the United States).

Vaccine issues are raging in Taiwan. The most common thing I hear is that Costco’s new crown vaccine is free. You can choose the brand. You can use the manufacturer you like. Unlike Taiwan, there is no vaccine and no choice. What they want to prove is that my friends say…, my relatives say… seldom really hear what the locals say. Professor Lin, if it is convenient for you, can you describe the situation of local vaccines in the United States? Thank you.

Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County) is to the south of San Francisco, and its northernmost point is about 50 kilometers from San Francisco. Stanford University is located at the northernmost point of Santa Clara County, and the entire Silicon Valley is included in Santa Clara County.

The population of Santa Clara County is 1.9 million, and the population of Taichung is 2.8 million. Santa Clara County added 57 new crown cases on June 6, and an average of 25 new crown cases per day in the last 7 days. Taichung added 10 new crown cases on June 1.

The United States added 6,076 new crown cases on June 6, and there were an average of 13,927 new crown cases per day in the last 7 days. Taiwan added 214 new crown cases on June 7. Therefore, in terms of population ratio, the current number of new cases in the United States is twice that of Taiwan. Of course, in terms of the number of cases, the United States is going down, while Taiwan is going up.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, all the people I know have finished their vaccines two or three months ago, so I think it’s best to read the latest information about the “Status of Vaccinations in the U.S.” that this doctor asked.

The California government has set up a new crown special network, and one of the webpages about foreigners vaccinating (2021-5-11 update) said: the new crown vaccine is free. You may be asked to verify your age to confirm that you are over 16 years old. You do not need a national ID card or insurance to get the vaccine. Regardless of your immigration or citizenship status, you can get vaccinations for free.

The California government has also set up a new crown vaccine special website, and one of them is a webpage about Walk-ins. The so-called Walk-ins means that there is no need to make an appointment and you can go directly to get the vaccine, but there is no guarantee that you can get it.

This page says: Bring a file with your name on it. You do not need a government-issued ID to get the vaccine. Undocumented persons are eligible for vaccination regardless of their immigration status. Acceptable documents include: student ID card, library card, lease agreement, utility bill, true identity certificate, state driver’s license or ID card, passport, etc.

This page also provides the address and time of the Walk-ins location. It can be clicked according to each county. I clicked on Santa Clara County and saw that it has no Walk-ins places, but there are 14 in San Mateo County (San Mateo County, where San Francisco International Airport is located) to the north of it. Of these 14 venues, 12 provide Pfizer vaccines, one provides Modena vaccines, and one provides Johnson & Johnson (Jiaosheng) vaccines. Since the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only needs one dose, I only list the address and time of this venue as follows: County Fair (County Fair) 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403; June 12 and 13, at 10 am Half to 6:30 in the afternoon.

The above is the information provided by the California government. As for the information provided by private organizations and pharmacies, it is numerous. The latest news from Costco’s update on June 3 is: (1) In the United States, all people 12 years and older are eligible to receive the new crown vaccine, (2) Pfizer vaccine is only authorized for people 12 years and older, ( 3) Modena and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are only authorized for people 18 years and older, (4) Walk-in is available in many locations. There are so many Costcos in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since the number of people in the United States who are willing to get vaccinated is decreasing, all states and counties have unexpectedly recruited to encourage vaccinations (for example, one person can win $50,000 in prizes), so people from outside the country should be able to get it easily. vaccine.

However, taking a flight will increase the chance of infection, and the vaccine may also have serious side effects that may require hospitalization. The second dose will need to wait 21 days, plus you must sit in quarantine for 14 days after returning to your country, so there are pros and cons. , Should be carefully considered.

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