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Comment by Gaston Mbengue: the CNRA warns Walf TV

Dakar, Nov 29 (APS) – The National Audiovisual Regulatory Council (CNRA) on Monday warned the private television channel Walf TV following comments made by the promoter of the fight, Gaston Mbengue, to the against the mayor of Mermoz-Sacré-Coeur, Barthélémy Dias.

In a press release sent to APS, the CNRA declares to have found “serious shortcomings in the program” Sortie “broadcast on November 28, 2021 on the Walf TV network with Mr. Gaston Mbengue as a guest”.

According to the CNRA, Gaston Mbengue, one of the supporters of the government, “struck people negatively in remarks in violation of the pillars of social cohesion”.

“Said shortcomings were noted while the sensitivity and seriousness of the subject raised should call for a deep sense of responsibility and sustained attention from the editor,” deplores the regulatory body.

She stresses that “Walfadjri should indeed avoid the dissemination of remarks likely to lead to consequences detrimental to this same cohesion, as well as to the preservation of public order”.

The CNRA informs that a letter was sent to WALF TV on Monday, as a warning to point out that “the incident is all the more serious and unacceptable, as it is noted in the context of a program which has been pre-recorded “

“The condemnations and other disapproval of the presenter of the show, in the sense of reframing the guest, in no way removes the fault of WALF TV,” he observes.

The CNRA indicates that the shortcomings observed relate, among other things, to the non-respect of the principles which govern journalism, in particular in the distribution of video and audio documents; non-compliance with the Specifications relating to the establishment and / or operation of a private commercial television service.

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