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The sharp falls due to the pandemic in activities such as retail, industry or hotels continued to be corrected in September, according to Dane.

Retail trade, whose sales plunged 43 percent in April compared to the same month in 2019, in September they only had a drop of 0.8 percent. And compared to April, the hardest month since the pandemic began, monthly sales already increased 87 percent, while they grew 14 percent compared to August.

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Meanwhile, the industry registered in September a production 3 percent lower than that of a year ago, after a fall in April of 36 percent.

Industrial production in September grew 6.9 percent compared to August and 64.2 percent compared to April.

Meanwhile, in the hotel sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic restrictions, the occupancy of establishments was 64 percent lower in September than in the same month of 2019. In April, the drop had been 80.6 percent.

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Occupancy in September was 32 percent higher than in August and 102 percent higher than in April.

According to Dane, in the industry, sales were down 1.6 percent compared to those registered in September 2019. For their part, employment in this sector decreased 7.3 percent. Bogotá continues to mark the negative behavior in production, sales and employment in the industry.

According to Juan Daniel Oviedo, director of the entity, “from the beginning, the confinement measures led to a significant contraction in activities associated with clothing manufacturing, refining, vehicle manufacturing and auto parts. Important contractions in these activities or domains continue to be evident in September, but with less intensity ”.

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Regarding retail trade, Oviedo commented that there is “a major revival of retail trade; we had been registering a contraction of real sales in this sector of 17.1 percent, which is now down to 0.8 percent “.

The areas that explain the contraction in sales in September are motor vehicle fuels (-5.6 percent), clothing manufacturing (-15.2 percent) and footwear, and vehicle and motorcycle sales. “These three domains explain almost 2.4 negative percentage points of the sales contraction,” said Oviedo.

It is worth highlighting, as a worrying fact, the destruction of employment in the retail trade. Compared with September of last year, the variation in the number of employed personnel was -7 percent.

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Regarding the accommodation activity, in September the real income of the country’s establishments presented a reduction of 83.1 percent compared to the same month last year. Although the numbers are still negative, Oviedo explained that in that month there was a correction or improvement close to 11.7 percentage points, compared to the maximum contraction of income in this sector, of -94.8 percent, in April.



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