Commerce denounces the “insecurity” unleashed by the government’s swings on sales

The trade does not know yet if it will be able to make sales. The Government has changed its criteria up to two times regarding the prohibition of this commercial period, which has added chaos to the sector. This Thursday, the Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC), has denounced that the “manifest contradictions” the position of the Ministry of Health and that of Commerce has unleashed “legal insecurity” in the sector.

In a very harsh statement, the CEC has described as “intolerable” the plans of the Executive to prohibit the sales, a measure that in La Moncloa they consider necessary to avoid crowds. In addition, he has denounced the “ignorance and the lack of dialogue of the Government, which systematically ignores 3.2 million workers, a million establishments and the 13% of the GDP that commerce in Spain supposes”.

The small business considers that the sanitary measures taken to stop the spread of the virus are “more than sufficient” and recalls that the discounts are governed by the retail trade management law, so “to make a modification of this caliber it would be necessary modify the law ».

The BOE of last Saturday included an additional provision that established that commercial establishments will not only have to control the capacity during de-escalation, but that they will not be able to carry out “commercial actions” to avoid crowds.

A few hours after publishing this measure, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce has transmitted to the Spanish Trade Confederation (CEC) that “it is possible to carry out discounts and promotions in physical establishments as long as they are in a position to adopt all the measures that are necessary in order to avoid crowding as a result of said discounts or promotions ». And during the last hour of Wednesday, the Minister of Health rectified this position and insisted again that the sales were prohibited.

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