Commoner “I apologize for swearing at Chu Mi-ae… I was disappointed for the first time by Yoon Seok-yeol”

picture explanationSeomin Professor, Dankook University [사진 출처 = 연합뉴스]

Seo Min, a professor at Dankook University, said in relation to the court’s ruling that the two-month disciplinary action against former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol was justified, saying, “I didn’t know at the time, but Yoon was abusing the prosecution power.”

Professor Seo said on his blog on the 14th, “Miss Chu Mi-ae, I apologize for swearing only in this case.”

Professor Seo said, “I am just a non-existent person, but even now, I apologize to those who took the lead in disciplinary action against former President Yoon.” “This judgment was a shock to me.”

He continued, “After checking this news on the train, I was stunned for a while and there was nothing I could do other than stare into the air. he explained.

He added, “I don’t think the power has taken notice of this case,” he added.

He said, “Besides, the explanation that two months of suspension is lighter than the lower limit of the sentencing standard was shocking,” he said.

“I am disappointed with him for the first time seeing the reaction to this ruling,” he said. he emphasized.

“That brazenness was the reason that made me move from the left to the right,” he said, “but if we even ignore the judgment of the judiciary, do we have the right to insult our country, Kim Eo-jun, and the great people who defend our country?”

Meanwhile, on the 14th, the 12th Administrative Division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Chief Judge Yong-Seok Jung) ruled against the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by former President Yoon, dissatisfied with the two-month suspension. The court determined that the reasons were justifiable, such as obstruction of the investigation related to the Channel A case, and writing and distributing documents suspected of inspection by the court in major cases. Lawyers Lee Wan-gyu and Son Kyung-sik, lawyers for former President Yoon, said they would appeal to reporters after the sentencing.

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