Commoner “Park Ji-sung’s wife, Kim Min-ji’s anger, it’s a pity… How would it have been if I sent a condolence money quietly”

On May 14, 2014, at the Park Ji-sung retirement press conference held at the Park Ji-seong Football Center in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, the prospective bride Kim Min-ji made a surprise visit. © News1

Seo-min, a professor of medicine at Dankook University, said to former SBS announcer Kim Min-ji, wife of world star Ji-sung Park on the 10th, “I should have thought for a moment that I was a celebrity’s wife before I was a natural person.”

It is unfortunate that Kim Min-ji could not stand the arguing that netizens did not visit her husband’s late former Incheon United manager, Yoo Sang-cheol, and poured out her anger through SNS. Considering that she is the wife of a celebrity, this advice is what would have happened if she had dealt with it in a smarter way.

Professor Seo said through his blog on the same day, Kim Min-ji said, “In the world, there are many things happening in the life of a person other than being published as an article and being posted on social media. To prove sadness? To certify by publishing an article of condolences? ? Take a photo of harmony? What kind of world do you live in? Please, please don’t say anything strange.”

Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji are living in London, England, and condolences are almost impossible. This is because even if you enter the country with difficulty, you will have to go into self-quarantine for 14 days. Even in this situation, Kim Min-ji was angry, saying that netizens who ‘argument for condolences’ were too much to do.

Professor Seo said, “Park Ji-sung must have suffered a lot because he was suffering from nonsense demands and rumors, and crooked fans use the sad death of Yoo Sang-cheol to discredit Park Ji-sung.”

Professor Seo pointed out to netizens, “If you feel sorry for Yoo Sang-cheol’s death, why do you want to summon Park Ji-sung in England to humiliate him?”

That’s why he said, “Most people are cursing them.”

Professor Seo said, “But out of the blue, Minji Kim posted an article.” “I can guess the intention of writing this, but if I thought about whether it would really help Park Ji-sung, it would be disappointing,” said Professor Seo.

Therefore, “This article is very inappropriate,” and “The best response that Ana Kim would have liked is this.”
Prof. Seo can either △ send condolences to Ui-geum, △ have Park Ji-sung say, “I was not in a good mood for anything else. I will do my best to offer condolences.” I will express my condolences.” Or △ or it would have been better if they were silent and sent their condolences.

If he did, he said, “The people who insulted Park Ji-sung with excitement would have been embarrassed.” He said, “Minji Kim’s response was none of these, even an expression of anger that did not contain any condolences at all.” ordered to deal with it.

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