Commotion in Formula 1: Romain Grosjean suffered a brutal crash at the Barheín Grand Prix

Shocking accident in F1

Hearts stopped. The Formula 1 relived a moment of tension by a chilling shock of Romain Grojean after the start of Bahrain Grand Prix, on the fifteenth date of the season. The Frenchman’s Haas caught fire and split in half. Beyond the spectacular nature of the incident, the Gallus only suffered minor burns and a great scare.

The incident occurred after a touch with the Russian’s Alpha Tauri Daniil Kvyat. The American car collided with the guardrail and began to catch fire, which would have been due to the rupture of the fuel tank. The flare was typical of other decades, such as the accidents of the 1970s and 1980s. Something that had not been happening thanks to the development of technology and the different security systems developed for the category.

this is how Romain Grosjean’s car looked after the impact at the start of the Barhein Grand Prix Photo: REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed

The Frenchman’s car was split in half, since 1981 something similar was not seen. The precedent was with John Watson in the Italian Grand Prix raced in Monza, where the McLaren MP4 (the first built in carbon fiber) broke, without consequences for the Irish driver.

As for a burning car, some cases to remember are those of Josh Verstappen (Max’s father) in Germany 1994 and that of Gerhrad Berger in Imola, in 1989, where five years later they were killed Ayrton Senna Y Roland Ratzenberger.

The concern grew in the following seconds as the television did not show the images of Grosjean again. But tranquility returned when the Gaul was seen in the medical car.

The car hit a guardrail and exploded in flames Photo REUTERS / Bryn Lennon

The car hit a guardrail and exploded in flames Photo REUTERS / Bryn Lennon

Grosjean’s helmet melted and survived thanks to the anti-flame diver that resists more than 10 seconds at high temperatures. Also the Halo (head protection), saved the life of the runner. The team reported that he had minor burns to his hands, ankles and feet. The pilot was taken to a nearby hospital for control.

The race was stopped with a red flag while the track assistants tried to fix the defenses. There is a climate of tension among the drivers and it is hoped that the race can resume.

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