Communiqué of the Council of Ministers of Wednesday January 13, 2021.

At the start of his communication, the Head of State presented the Nation’s condolences to the grieving families who have lost a loved one, a collaborator or a loved one during this situation which has become endemic to Covid-19.

The President of the Republic recalled that the exponential spread, the severity and the gravity of the disease, in view of the capacities and advice of the experts of our health system, led him to declare a state of emergency accompanied by a curfew throughout the most affected regions: Dakar and Thiès.

In this spirit, the Head of State invites the Minister of Health to pursue effective and rapid decentralization in the regions of the NATIONAL SAMU. The logistical means and the human and financial resources of this nerve center must be reinforced without delay.

The President of the Republic also indicates the need to accelerate the urgent implementation of the national vaccination strategy, endowed with a substantial budget.

Continuing his communication, the President of the Republic emphasized the gravity of the situation. In this regard, he insisted on national mobilization 24 hours a day to sensitize the populations on the imperative of:

1 ° Respect barrier gestures and health protocols;

2 ° Regulate the opening and closing hours of markets;

3 ° Readjust the functioning of health establishments (hospitals, health centers, etc.);

4 ° Deploy with the NATIONAL SAMU, preventive and pragmatic home care systems;

5 ° Monitor a possible mutation of the virus and further control entries at our borders. As such, the Head of State welcomes the certification of the Blaise DIAGNE International Airport in Diass (AIBD) to the health accreditation program of the International Airports Council (ACI Monde).

In this general context, the President of the Republic asks the sectoral ministers to reorganize with the actors, the temporary adaptation of economic and social activities during this month of January 2021.

Addressing the issue related to the sustainable development of the national territory and the optimal development of urban centers, the Head of State informed the Council, having chaired, on Friday January 8, 2021, a follow-up meeting of the state of progress of planning and development work for the Urban Poles of Diamniadio and Lac Rose.

In this regard, he reminded the Government of the importance it attaches to the sustainable development of the national territory through the functional establishment of urban centers.

The latter must contribute to urban renewal and the achievement of the 100,000 housing program with the leading involvement of the private sector.

The President of the Republic therefore asks the Minister of Finance and Budget, the Ministers in charge of Infrastructures, Water, Sanitation and Urban Planning to accelerate, in connection with the General Delegate to Promotion of the urban poles of Daimniadio and Lac Rose, the planning and construction, on time, of the public infrastructures (Roads and Various Networks) necessary for the functionality of the poles.

These new territories must be identified through a precise mapping of boundaries and occupations.

The Head of State, in this regard, indicated the need to develop a consolidated partnership between administrative authorities and State services (Governors, Prefects, Sub-Prefects, Mayors, DGPU, ANAT, Town planning, Cadastre, Domains and DSCOS).

The President of the Republic also asks the Government to ensure the implementation of all private programs from investments supported by financing effectively mobilized at the level of the urban centers, while ensuring respect for human settlements and socio-economic balances of areas and activities falling, in particular, within the perimeter of the urban center of Lac Rose.

Finally, the Head of State asks the Minister of Finance and Budget to ensure, with APIX, the land security and the adequate management of the residual areas of the Regional Express Train Project (TER), as well as systematic resettlement of affected and enumerated households.

On the new town planning, housing and construction doctrine, the President of the Republic invites the Minister of Town planning, Housing and Public Hygiene to initiate the implementation of a new policy relating to of land use, housing and construction, giving priority to high-rise constructions, to be subject, however, to an adequate regulatory framework.

On the social climate, management and monitoring of internal affairs, the Head of State asks the Minister of Water and Sanitation to initiate all the necessary due diligence to intensify the implementation of the program. national social connections. The said program, of social and territorial equity, must be extended to several localities, in order to improve the access of urban and peri-urban populations to drinking water.

The President of the Republic also invites the Minister of Water and Sanitation to accelerate the connection works to be carried out within the framework of the sanitation of ten (10) towns including Touba and Tivaouane.

In terms of cooperation and partnerships, the Head of State recalls the urgency attached to the construction of the future headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad.

On the second review of the economic program, supported by the Instrument for the Coordination of Economic Policy (ICPE), the President of the Republic is delighted at its approval, without debate, by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This exceptional decision, effective since January 12, 2021, reflects the confidence placed in Senegal in the satisfactory implementation of the ICPE, particularly on the economic and social resilience program component (PRES), implemented from the outset. of the Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal.

The President of the Republic has closed his communication with his diplomatic agenda.


– The Minister, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic took stock of the follow-up to presidential directives;

– The Minister of Finance and Budget made a communication on the start of the 2021 budget execution and on the second ICPE review;

– The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad made a statement on the international situation;

– The Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation made a communication on the monitoring of financing of strategic projects;

– The Minister of Health and Social Action made a communication on the national vaccination strategy against COVID-19;

– The Minister of Women, Family, Gender and Child Protection made a communication on the implementation of the strategy for the emergency protection of street children;

– The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment made a statement on the 2021 peanut marketing campaign;

– The Minister of Tourism and Air Transport made a communication on the completion of restoration work on the beaches of the seaside resort of Saly;

– The Minister of the Digital Economy and Telecommunications made a presentation on the management of DATACENTERS and on the Diamniadio digital technologies park (PTN);

– The Minister to the President of the Republic, in charge of monitoring the Emerging Senegal Plan, made a communication on the flagship projects of the PES.


The Council considered and adopted:

– The draft decree creating and setting the rules of organization and operation of the National Council for the Integration and Employment of Young People (CNIEJ).

Done in Dakar on January 13, 2021

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