Companies in the Riudellots industrial estate, upset by the road collapse of Amazon vehicles

Entrepreneurs at the Riudellots de la Selva industrial estate complained yesterday of a road collapse in the area caused by the high number of Amazon vans. The Association of Owners of the Polygon of Riudellots de la Selva (APRS) denounced that the overabundance of delivery vehicles of the American multinational and other companies is leaving the workers of other companies in the industrial area without parking at rush hour, and is causing difficulties in getting your own goods trucks in or out. Those affected explained that this situation occurs since the arrival in the Levante sector of the polygon of a logistics company, Transports Bergé, through which Amazon and other companies operate.

The APRS explains that Transports Bergé arrived at the end of February this year. The place where they had settled immediately became small and the multinational’s vehicles began to occupy the adjacent spaces. They estimate that there are hundreds of vans in the area and regret that this makes it impossible for other workers to find a place to park. “They arrive at rush hour, between 8 and 9 in the morning, and occupy all the parking spaces in the area. Even those entering and leaving vehicles. We have nothing against them, but they must respect the rules “, laments Rubén Hernández, manager of the APRS.

The traffic jams occur on Onyar Street at rush hour, an area where trucks from other companies and vehicles of the ship’s workers also converge. The association says that it has tried to contact Transports Bergé on several occasions but that they have not responded. Hernández also adds that many times the distributors have shown their bad character when the other workers have asked them to leave space.

For its part, the City Council of Riudellots de la Selva has imposed various penalties on Amazon vehicles for having the vans poorly parked and loading the goods on the sidewalk. In statements to the ACN, the mayor of the municipality, Montserrat Roura, recalled that “the activity must be done inside the ship” and not on the public road. That is why he urged the company to look for solutions to be able to load the vans inside its facilities. According to Roura, they were asked to “stagger the arrivals and set schedules” so as not to congest traffic. The treasurer of the association, Manel Llopis, says that the problem lies in the fact that Transports Bergé “needs a larger plot of land, of 15,000 square meters” to carry out its activity without obstructing traffic, and points out that, in despite City Council sanctions, the company has remained unchanged in its policy.


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