Comparison between the MacBook Pro M1 and the MacBook Air M1

The arrival of the new Apple chip has surely encouraged more than one to renew their laptop, but which of the two current options is the one that would best suit our style?

The new processor Apple Silicon M1 It has not stopped receiving compliments all over the world since its presentation in the past Keynote. Its performance is really good and that is good for those of us who are users of Mac, it seems that we have a more than promising future assured in the new leap in architecture Intel to the apple itself.

An example of this is the comparison we made in Discover Apple in which the new MacBook Air it almost left his predecessor in diapers. But what happens if we compare it with the MacBook Pro, the other M1 laptop currently on the market? How does one stand out? Which one should we buy?

We must start by saying that choosing a computer is a very personal task and that it does not necessarily obey a simple duel of figures. Each user is different and their personal needs mean that what may be the perfect option for someone, is not the perfect option for another. That said, it might be useful to know some salient features of each of the laptops and to know which one could best fit us.

The design in both cases has not changed anything with respect to their versions Intel and the pros and cons of the same remain in this generation of November 2020. If portability is something relevant in our day to day, MacBook Air’s lighter weight would tip the scales in its favor, especially now that he has gained in power.

Since they are also identical in terms of connectivity, the Touch Bar could be an element in favor of Pro, although I am one of those who does not quite get the point. So the greater portability of the Air makes him, in my opinion, a winner in this section.

The screen is a crucial element and since they both sport a 13.3-inch panel, size does not matter, so other factors would have to be taken into account. Both options are very good, in the usual vein of Apple, but the one on the MacBook Pro is brighter. A technical draw in my opinion, should not be a decisive element when choosing one or the other.

A different case is performance. MacBook Pro is more powerful on paper, more obviously compared to the Air entry of the range thanks to GPU extra and also to the help of the fan, which if it has it is for something and the most demanding jobs will be more fluid.

The final difference to consider is the price. Between MacBook Air basic (€ 1,129) and MacBook Pro basic (1.449 €) there € 320 difference. It is not a small thing, for the price of MacBook Pro we could get a MacBook Air, a Apple Watch SE and up to a HomePod Mini. It’s almost what a iPad.

So… what do I buy in the end?

Well, we return to the beginning of the article: each user is different, but if I now had to buy one of the two, I would choose without hesitation the MacBook Air.

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