Compasses|The Education Bureau announces that all schools will be closed today[with special arrangements](11:55)-20211012-Hot Spot-News


. The Education Bureau announced that as the Observatory will consider issuing Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 from 4 to 6 this afternoon (12th), all schools will be closed today, saying that schools should implement contingency measures to ensure the safety of students and under safe conditions , Before arranging students to return home.

. The Education Bureau announced the suspension of classes in kindergartens, schools for physically handicapped children and schools for mentally handicapped children today.

Inspection Service

The Food and Health Bureau announced that mobile sampling stations located outdoors will not be open. People who need to be tested for the new coronavirus can be transferred to a community testing center or indoor mobile sampling station for testing.


. The Social Welfare Department advises citizens not to send their children or family members to centers that provide after-school care services, elderly service centers, or day rehabilitation service units including sheltered workshops, comprehensive vocational rehabilitation service centers, comprehensive vocational training centers, and activity centers. If citizens need to send their children or family members to the relevant center or service unit, they can first contact the service unit to determine the opening hours.

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