Compensar celebrates 42 years committed to health and integral well-being

Protection of the family, access to equal opportunities and comprehensive well-being, as an engine of social transformation, drive the entity’s work.

For more than 65 years, when the Family Subsidy System was born in the country, the family compensation funds became the social arm of Colombian entrepreneurs and, with the passage of time, they have reached an increasingly strategic participation, playing a decisive role that is reflected in the improvement of the quality of life of affiliated workers and their families, by making available to them various alternatives in the matter of health, housing, sports, education, culture, tourism, recreation, credit, among others.

The Family Compensation Fund Make up for, that turned 42 years old on November 15, is committed to this purpose since its birth in 1978, which makes it one of the youngest savings banks in the country, with a trajectory that has been marked by a constant evolution, dynamism and innovation, sum of efforts and actors, collective achievements and great challenges.

Protection of the family, access to equal opportunities and comprehensive well-being, as an engine of social transformation, they continue to be the purpose that drives the work of the entity, which began with 41 registered companies, 1,728 affiliated workers and 16 employees, and which today, more than 4 decades later, is at the head of the sector with More than 97,000 employers and around 2,537,000 members of the savings bank, between workers and beneficiaries, in addition to 1,600,000 health members and 12,000 direct collaborators, with whom it works hand in hand to impact more than 4,500,000 people each year, between affiliates and other prioritized populations.

In recent years, the box has been advancing in the purpose of consolidating itself as a comprehensive wellness platform, serving as a vehicle for, according to the freedom of each person, their own interests and ways of conceiving life, contribute to create or enhance their capabilities and increasingly improve their quality of life, with the firm conviction that well-being is a legitimate interest of all, and that over time, its meaning has evolved as much as the needs and expectations of the people.

2020 has meant both for the entity and for the country, an enormous challenge, which, faithful to its philosophy of working in networks and of permanent evolution, it has faced through the articulation of efforts with different actors and the implementation of actions in response to the new social and labor realities, and a clear example of this are the more than 36.5 million activities carried out throughout the year, between Caja and Salud.

“This has been a different year, full of enormous challenges that have put fundamental values ​​such as solidarity, responsibility and resilience to the test. A year of great changes, but also of deep reflections that confirm essential aspects, among them, that the most valuable thing in organizations is people and the collective capacity we have to overcome adversity, leaving stronger, that is why in Compensar we will continue working tirelessly for the integral well-being of the workers and the community in general ”, he states Carlos Mauricio Vasquez, CEO of Compensar.

Today more than ever, Compensar confirms its commitment to continue contributing to the reconstruction of the social and business fabric, helping to minimize social gaps and inequity more and more; In addition to his gratitude to the thousands of workers and entrepreneurs who have trusted in his management and have made these 42 years of history possible, which shows the power of working in networks for a common purpose, since without a doubt the integral well-being and the progress of society, can only be possible if they are collective.

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