Competitiveness in the OLED market threatened, preparing for commercialization of BOD 55-inch and other OLED TV panels

A red light has entered the domestic OLED display competitiveness.

The content was announced by BOE at Display Week held a month ago – a gathering of display experts from all over the world – and said, “We plan to commercialize 95-inch WOLED TV panels.” The news is that the company is preparing to commercialize 55-inch to 95-inch OLED panels.

(Photo source BOE)

In other words, BOE is preparing for the commercialization of all-round OLED panels ranging from 55 inches to 95 inches, which have recently started to spread rapidly as OLED TVs, and it is analyzed that this will lead to competition with the domestic OLED TV industry.

In particular, BOE OLED panel is known in the same way as LG’s WOLED, and in the 95-inch 8K OLED panel specification that was just released, it is known that it is almost identical to the LG WOLED panel, raising tension in the industry.

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