News Complainer claims $ 190 million for Elon Musk tweet

Complainer claims $ 190 million for Elon Musk tweet


The British spelunker who is suing Los Angeles court Elon Musk for defamation claimed Friday $ 190 million in compensation for a tweet in which the boss of Tesla had called him "dude pedo" (pedo guy).

Vernon Unsworth's attorney, Lin Wood, said during his closing argument that this amount was the equivalent of a billion dollar "hit on the fingers" and that it would prevent him from "launching a nuclear bomb again." in the life of another individual ".

In 90 minutes of speaking in the Los Angeles federal court, Mr. Wood portrayed a "billion dollar tyrant" against his client, a man of modest origins, whose life was turned upside down. by projectors focused on this dispute high-profile.

The case dates back to the summer of 2018, when the whimsical entrepreneur born in South Africa sent a submarine of his design to help take children prisoners from a cave in Thailand.

Submarine of the discord

Vernon Unsworth, who was involved in relief operations, described the mission mounted by Musk in a CNN interview as a "publicity stunt". He said that the submersible was inappropriate and that the billionaire could "put it where it hurts."

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World News :

The boss of Tesla and SpaceX had replicated on Twitter using the term "dude pedo" (pedo guy) to designate Mr. Unsworth. Elon Musk had apologized a few days after the tweets in question, which he had erased.

During the trial that opened on Tuesday, the sexagenarian reaffirmed that the business leader had indeed wanted to make a "publicity stunt".

Mr. Musk's lawyers have been arguing since the beginning of the trial that the 48-year-old's avenging tweets were only an "insult" in a dispute between the two men, but that it is not a question of properly speaking of defamation.

On Wednesday, Mr Unsworth said he was "humiliated and dirty" for life after being "publicly identified as a pedophile" by Elon Musk.


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