Complications of Covid Kill US Army General Collin Powell – News

Complications of coronavirus kill US Army General Collin Powell

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Complications of coronavirus wreak havoc on US generals – 18 Oct. APReported that retired General Collin Powell, one of the generals of the United States Army, is widely known around the world. Died at the age of 84 from complications from the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19.

Gen. Retired Powell is known for his extensive work experience. used to hold high-level positions during the days of both US leaders from both the Republican Party and Democrats or Democrats, but has been in the news for making false claims to the UN Security Council. or UNSC

The report said retired Gen. Powell was a Vietnam War veteran who grew up in the military career earning the rank of General (4-star) before becoming the first black American to serve as president. Chief of Staff to the President of the United States in 1989

General retired Powell as former Chief of Staff Works as a supervisor of the Panama War Mission Under Operation Just Cause, the 1991 Gulf War in Kuwait and Iraq became scandalous in 2003.

Retired Powell’s scandal stemmed from a trip to the UNSC to testify. As former US Secretary of State By giving false information that Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi leader Stealth weapons of mass destruction and in response to the Iraqi authorities’ assertion that such weapons were not available. that is a lie to deceive the world

In a social media statement, the Powell family said retired General Powell had received a full dose of the coronavirus vaccine before being treated at the National Medical Center in Bethes. Da, Maryland

“We have lost a wonderful and loving husband, a father of our children, grandparents of our grandchildren and great Americans,” the statement said.

Gen. Retired Powell is the first high-ranking US official to accuse Osama bin Laden, the leader of the al-Qaeda terror network, for being the person behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

Retired Powell also traveled to Pakistan himself to seek cooperation from then-Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. Continuing the mission to kill members of Afghanistan’s Al-Qaeda network with a base of operations in Pakistan even succeeded in killing bin Laden under the era of former President Barack Obama.

General retired Powell’s scandal came when he served as secretary of state during former President George W. Bush, who testified at the UNSC. Accused Saddam Hussein of amassing weapons of mass destruction. and is a serious threat to the international community

Retired Powell’s testimony has come under fire from experts and the Western press. that the evidence is weak and extremely vague which led to the United States’ invasion of Iraq. And so far, the weapon that retired General Powell has been accused of has been found.

Former President Bush and his wife described retired General Powell’s passing as “deeply saddened”. because he is a former government official who works tirelessly in his service It is loved and respected both at home and abroad. It is also a person who loves family. So I would like to express my condolences to the children. of Air Chief Marshal retired Powell.

Retired General Powell has been famous since the reign of the former Republican president. And had planned to represent the party in the US presidential race. But later distanced itself from Republicans and turned to support the US presidential candidate. from Democrats instead

Retired General Powell is also among those who have criticized former President Donald Trump, even calling it a national disgrace. and should be removed from office After the Jan. 6 riots in Congress in Washington prompted retired General Powell to formally retire as a supporter of the Republican Party.

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