Composer Romualdo Brito died in a traffic accident in Cesar

Mourning in the Vallenato, the Guajiro composer Romualdo Brito passed away.

Colonel Jesús Manuel de Los Reyes Valencia, commander of the Cesar police department, confirmed that, in the morning of this Friday, the Vallenato singer-songwriter Leonardo Brito died in a traffic accident. The musician He was traveling with his 18-year-old son and 28-year-old driver Alex Miguel Montero.

According to the report delivered by the authorities, the truck in which they were traveling overturned, on the road that connects the townships of San Roque and Rincón Hondo, jurisdiction of the township of San Roque, located in the municipality of Curumaní, south of Cesar. According to the reports of the authorities, the renowned composer suffered multiple trauma to various parts of the body and died at the scene.

Photo: Taken from Twitter: @ uniguajira893

Photo: Taken from Twitter: @ uniguajira893
Photo: Taken from Twitter: @ uniguajira893
Photo: Taken from Twitter: @ uniguajira893

“The driver was injured with a fracture in the left upper limb and was referred to the Chiriguaná healthcare center, as for the composer’s son, Romualdo Brito de la Cruz, presented injuries to the lower limbs and was referred to the Curumaní healthcare center”, detailed the Police Commander.

As for details of the accident, he added that, at the moment of losing control, the vehicle went off the road and collided with a metal railing and a tree, causing the overturn.

Friends, family and artists mourned his passing, as he was one of the most prolific composers of vallenato.

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