Composer Romualdo Brito dies in a traffic accident in Cesar

The Guajiro composer Romualdo Brito López, who found his world of inspiration in vallenata music, died after starring in a spectacular traffic accident in the morning of this Friday.

It was known that the artist He was moving in a white Nissan pickup with a JCW-407 license plate when he was traveling along the road between the townships of San Roque and Rincón Hondo, jurisdiction of the township of San Roque, located in the municipality of Curumaní, in the south of Cesar.

Alongside hitmaker like ‘El Santo Cachón’ popularized by Los Embajadores del Vallenato, ‘La defunta’, sang by Silvestre Dangond and ‘Esposa mía’ by Otto SergeOne of his sons and another young man were traveling. According to the first reports, the experienced composer has been the most affected after the accident.

In the images it is observed that the vehicle overturned at one end of the road and hit a tree. Several residents of the sector approached the scene of the events to help the victims and take them to the nearest assistance center. However, there was little they could do for Brito López.

Romualdo Brito had 45 years of musical career, and he was currently based in Bogotá. He was one of the most prolific composers of vallenato and apparently it was heading towards the capital of the country.


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