Comptroller’s Office assures that it dismantled Guaidó’s mafia with foreign support

The comptroller general of the Republic and president of the Republican Moral Council, Elvis Amoroso, stressed that this constitutionally autonomous body, a member of the Citizen Power and rector of the National Fiscal Control System, managed to end the tentacles of the mafia with foreign support, by dismantling a criminal organization led by Juan Guaidó and made up of former deputies, as well as former officials, who tried to attack the national patrimony to fraudulently enrich themselves.

During the presentation and delivery of its management report for the year 2020 before the National Assembly, Amoroso added that this highest Fiscal Control body carried out tireless work in the fight against corruption and control in the country, highlighting as a point of honor for better efficiency, the need to reform some laws so that they include crimes that are not clearly defined in the norm, and “it seems that instead of punishing, they protect the corrupt.”

“During these years of management and with the purpose of achieving compliance with the planning of the actions, from the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, actions were carried out to exercise prior control and honesty the administrative, financial and technical operations in the selection of contractors , acquisition of goods and execution of works by official entities of the National public administration ”- expressed Amoroso.

He added that “in 2019, an investigation was launched against former Venezuelan officials and deputies, who used State resources to destroy legitimately constituted institutions, in which former deputy Juan Guaidó and other citizens were involved. Never in Republican history have we faced an act of corruption of such magnitude, where the individuals of a country attempt against their own nation to illicitly enrich themselves ”.
For Amoroso “the laws must include ways to compensate the damages to the Republic” / Photo: Wimer Errades

The Comptroller General of the Republic explained that “this group of criminals made a plan to seize Venezuela’s assets abroad, with the collaboration of some private sectors of the country, managing to link a group of foreign businessmen. In this group, the citizen Javier Troconis stands out, who was one of the operators of this organized crime plot ”.

He also denounced that during the course of the investigations, an embezzlement of 187 million dollars was detected, granted by Mr. Rafael Ramírez, former president of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). “The Comptroller General’s Office, when analyzing the situation, was able to apply precautionary measures such as the Prohibition of encumbering and disposing of assets, all the accounts of each of those involved and all the people who had direct ties to their businesses were canceled. Immediately afterwards, we applied the necessary measures to prevent at all costs the resources of the National Heritage, which were used to finance terrorist acts against our country, from leaking ”.

He specified that “all these actions allowed us to determine with the theft from Citgo, a subsidiary of the PDVSA company in the United States and the dismantling of the Monómeros petrochemical company, owned by Pequiven in Colombia, was sponsored by the President of that country, as well as The appropriation of Venezuela’s gold reserves in England facilitated the plan to constitute a new form of corruption, which was elevated by the Comptroller General before the UN, in Vienna, showing how officials from other countries become accomplices of the corruption that it was encysted from our own territory ”.

Amoroso made special reference to the case of “US Senator Marco Rubio who has become a multimillionaire product of the money of Venezuelans and we denounced another official from England, Portugal and Spain who have been accomplices of this criminal gang that operated from Venezuela” .

In this sense, the citizen Comptroller, Dr. Elvis Amoroso, reiterated that it is essential to carry out certain reforms to the Law against corruption, the organic law of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic and of Fiscal control; the organic law against Organized Crime, the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure, the Law of the Statute of the Public Official, the Code of Ethics of the Judge, the Anti-drug Law, among others.

“We must evolve in the legal texts, we cannot remain in criminal sanctions, we must seek that corrupt officials are arrested or that they establish the procedure to compensate the patrimonial damage that they have caused to the country. We must be forceful in the fight against corruption, which has no political color, or ideologies, cultures, or religion, but rather acts freely and has no mercy on our beloved Venezuela’s heritage, ”the Comptroller General of the Republic finally asserted. .

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