Comptroller’s Office detected irregularities in the Recoleta Cultural Corporation under the management of Daniel Jadue

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The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) ordered an administrative summary and sent all the background of the investigation that he carried out to the administration of Mayor Daniel Jadue to the State Defense Council and the Public Ministry after detecting a series of financial irregularities in the contributions delivered by the municipality to the Cultural Corporation of said commune and to the Womad Foundation.

Tonight the Comptroller’s Office made public the results of its audit regarding more than 2,111 million pesos not rendered during the administration of Mayor Daniel Jadue by the corporation within the framework of the Womad Festival.

Martorell assures that the Comptroller’s report does not establish “crimes” in the purchase of cameras for Carabineros

The monies questioned by the Comptroller’s Office to Jadue

“Among the main findings, the audit revealed that, between 2015 and 2019, there are no accounting records that allow verifying the transfer of resources or the amounts for the financing of the festival”, explains the supervisory body, which estimated at $ 2,111,584,811 the monies not rendered by the corporation to the municipality in the last 10 years.

“The CGR quantified that the municipality gave $ 200 million to the Cultural Corporation, money used to contract the company Artemedios Group SpA, for ‘Consultancy and Pre-Production of the Womad Chile 2020 Festival ′ and’ Consultancy and First Stage of Production of the Womad Festival Chile 2020 ′. However, the rendering of these expenses has not yet been carried out, so the municipality will have 30 business days to request, review and approve said renderings. Otherwise, the CGR will formulate an objection to recover those monies “, indicates the statement of the Comptroller, which also reveals an operation of 50 million pesos, of which the whereabouts of $ 20 million is still unknown.

“The audit revealed that in 2019, the Itelecom company made a donation of $ 50 million to the Cultural Corporation, resources that were spent in the realization of said festival, but that the Corporation later returned to said firm. However, the Corporation did not accredit to which item of its budget the return of those $ 50 million was imputed. In addition, it was detected that $ 30 million were deposited in a bank account of the company, but there are no means of verifying the deposit of the remaining $ 20 million of the contribution “, ends the Comptroller’s Office.

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