Compulsory isolation of patients, “a track on the table” to be debated

Gabriel Attal has been the government spokesperson since early July. – Tristan Reynaud / SIPA

Is the isolation of Covid-19 patients going to become mandatory? According to the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, it is “a track on the table” which must be the subject of a “democratic debate”.

“It is an avenue that exists, which is on the table in principle since it is a model that a certain number of countries, and not only in Asia but including among our neighbors, have adopted; then because today there are parliamentarians who are making this proposal, ”the Secretary of State explained on franceinfo.

Discussions with party leaders

“They say: in this new stage which is opening in the fight against the epidemic, should we not adapt our devices and have an isolation of positive cases and contact cases with controls, even sanctions? if it is not respected? », He clarified.

“It requires a discussion and a democratic debate because today in French law, you cannot force a patient to remain isolated because he is sick,” added the government spokesperson. The meeting scheduled for Friday evening between Prime Minister Jean Castex and the leaders of political parties “is not a meeting on this subject, but it is one of the subjects that we will put in the debate and on which we will wait that they can position themselves, tell us what they think about it, ”he added.

No deconfinement, but “an adaptation of the confinement”

Asked about LCI on this track of isolation, EELV MEP Yannick Jadot felt that we should not be forcing, but “why we should not recruit tens of thousands of young people on the sequence who would go to see families when he is there a Covid case, to propose isolation measures? », He proposed. “The question is not to make compulsory: when you are a single mother at home with children you cannot go to the hotel”, he noted, pleading for “an accompaniment of people suffering from Covid so that we can best put in place isolation devices ”.

As for the possibility of an upcoming gradual exit from confinement, Gabriel Attal once again felt “that we are not” in “deconfinement”, even if there is an “improvement” in the health situation. “The question that is being asked at the moment is whether this improvement can allow us, around December 1, as the President of the Republic had announced, to have an adaptation of the confinement to allow sectors economic to work, ”he added.

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