Compulsory vaccination against Covid-19: 130,000 caregivers have still not received any dose

One month after the entry into force of the compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 for caregivers, how many are still resistant to the bite? A “non-negligible proportion of professionals who were initially suspended finally regularizes their vaccination situation,” the Ministry of Health told Paris on Monday. Relaunched to have more precise figures, the Directorate General of Health responded to us on Tuesday.

Just before the start of this vaccination obligation for 2.2 million health professionals (according to MACSF figures), on September 15, 262,000 working in health and medico-social establishments and 26,400 liberal had not yet received any dose of vaccine and therefore risked suspension. Three weeks later, as of October 6, they were down to a total of 129,000.

“Only” 15,000 suspensions

Thus, at least 160,000 health professionals have been vaccinated for the first time since mid-September. And that number has certainly increased further since October 6. But we do not know how many of them were vaccinated just before the deadline of September 15 (the data dates precisely from September 11 for professionals in health and medico-social establishments and September 13 for the liberals). Nor, among those vaccinated after September 15, how many had been suspended before making the decision to be vaccinated.

Anyway, as of October 6, there were still nearly 130,000 health professionals not yet vaccinated at all. However, the number of suspensions is estimated at only 15,000 in recent days by the Ministry of Health. This means that a large part of the unvaccinated has not yet been sanctioned. Among the possible reasons, we can think of a “tolerance” on the part of the establishment or that the person has taken leave or that he has obtained a work stoppage.

“Excluding maternity leave and long-term sick leave, absenteeism increased by 2 points compared to the same period last year (at Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals) », Indicated to us Friday Rémi Salomon, president of the medical commission of establishment of the AP-HP. As for the director general of Health Insurance, Thomas Fatome, he indicated on France Info that 39 doctors were the subject of investigations because they were suspected of having issued work stoppages “of convenience”.

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