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Compulsory vaccination in nursing homes comes much too late

Wo it only took a few weeks for France, Greece and Italy last summer, is once again four times as long in Germany. Although quick reactions have been important in the fight against the virus since the beginning of the corona pandemic, German politicians are once again taking their time when it comes to the question of the effective protection of people at particular risk.

Only in the coming spring should there be a compulsory vaccination for staff in old people’s and nursing homes, in clinics and doctor’s offices. After all, the traffic light coalition is bringing this weapon into position this week with the corresponding amendment to the Infection Protection Act. The grand coalition, in which Olaf Scholz had more than a word to say, had shirked a job-related vaccination requirement for months.

The fear of driving the still too large minority of unvaccinated employees into dismissal was too powerful. In addition, the incidences were low in the summer, the next wave was far away and the federal election campaign was in full swing. Only when dozens of residents in old people’s homes were infected and died without a booster vaccination by unvaccinated nurses did the debate begin to move. If the planned general compulsory vaccination runs at a similar speed, it may not come until the summer – the fifth or sixth wave.


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