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Appropriate breaks are required to carry out work efficiently. However, it is important not to take a rest, but to set a proper time and switch on and off. That’s where the “break” shortcut comes in handy. When you enter the time you want to take a break, an alarm is automatically set to notify you of the end of the break. During that time, “Good night mode” is also turned on, so you don’t have to worry about notification sounds such as emails. It’s a useful feature for short breaks, so let’s learn how to use it.

Added “break” shortcut

First, prepare to use the “break” shortcut. Open the “Shortcuts” app, tap “Gallery” at the bottom right of the screen, and tap “Break” in “Starter Shortcuts”. You can also enter “break” in the search field.

▲ Tap “Starter Shortcut” in “Gallery” (left). Select “Break” (right)

By tapping the “Execute” field on the next screen, you can check the list of operations that are automatically performed when the shortcut is executed. If there is no problem, tap “Add shortcut”. “Break” has been added to “My Shortcut” at the bottom left of the screen, so tap “…” to make detailed settings.

▲ Tap “Add shortcut” (left). From “My Shortcut”, press “…” of “Break” (right)

Add a “break” shortcut to your home screen for immediate use. Tap “…” at the top right of the details screen and select “Add to Home Screen”. You can change the shortcut name and icon displayed on the home screen in the “Home screen name and icon” field on the next screen. If there is no problem, tap “Add”.

▲ Tap “…”. On the same screen, it’s easier to allow shortcuts to access the “Clock” app (left). Tap “Add to Home Screen” to display the shortcut on the home screen (right)

Use the “break” shortcut

When you tap “Break” added to the home screen, “OK, how many minutes?” Is displayed, so enter the time you want to take a break in minutes. At this time, if you are asked to access the “Clock” app, tap “OK”. When “Alarm created” is displayed, tap “Done”. “Good night mode” will be turned on until the set time, and you can relax without being bothered by unnecessary notifications.

▲ Tap “Break” and enter any time (left). When the confirmation screen is displayed, click “Done” (right)

It’s also useful when you want to take a nap but are worried about sleeping too much. You can easily set the timer by telling Siri to “break”.

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