Concern in Valle Viejo about the problem of addictions

May 16, 2022 – 2:41 PM

Days ago a report from the area of Health Mental of the Ministry of Health stated that the numbers “in red” in terms of addictions they are in old valley, the north and the south of the Capital. The statistics of this scourge are a concern and from the chacarero department they promised to “take charge”.

“We know this, this has been going on for a long time and it is the first time that the municipality of Valle Viejo decides to get involved in issues of addictions and problematic consumption,” declared the Mayor of Valle Viejo Susana Zentenothe weekend in the Radio Activa program of Radio Ancasti.

“We have signed a very important commitment with the Ministry of Health of the Province. We are involved. Today our people, our neighbors who have these problems no longer have to go to the Capital to receive containment, treatment, we have opened a space for these situations in the “Luis Olmos” municipal health center located in the town of Santa Rosa. We have a government team through the Ministry of Health, people were sent and we have hired more people for this space. It is a significant step”, considered the communal chief.

In addition, Zenteno commented that they are advancing with Social Development of the Province to be able to “intervene a space in Santa Rosa that is going to be linked to this,” and that this week there is a pending meeting with authorities from the Ministry of Security for La Sala, located in Sumalao.

“This is a problem to which we are not going to turn a deaf ear, we all know that it is a risk that we have in our community, at all social levels, all neighborhoods, here no one is left out of this issue and it is up to us to take charge”said the mayor.

“There it is stigmatized, but we saw that the neighbors were satisfied that we take care of this problem, because we have to get involved. For the first time these themes are played in Valle Viejo”.


At the same time, he referred to issues related to security, and invited to denounce the acts of vandalism in public spaces after the multiple attacks carried out in recent times.

“Thanks to the Governor and Minister Gustavo Aguirre, we will soon place 90 more cameras and (security) totems. There is a sector that has always worried me, which is the José Cubas school, where students leave late. All that part is going to be improved and make a lot of progress because the San Isidro bridge, historical in promising and not fulfilling, is already under construction. So all of that is going to be illuminated, we are going to do a religious historical walk, ”he anticipated.

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