Concern: The election battle between the ruling and opposition parties for the support of no party is intensifying

[Kyodo News Agency, October 21]After the release of the results of various media surveys investigating the initial elections of the Japanese House of Representatives, the ruling and opposition parties stepped up on the 21st to win the support of non-partisan people who have not yet decided to vote. The Liberal Democratic Party cadres issued a notice to the party entitled “The Situation is Urgent”, demanding that they do their utmost to obtain votes. The trend of the fierce battle zone will determine the overall victory and defeat, and efforts will be made to strengthen election campaigns by investing in cadres. The Cadet Party believes that the unified election of candidates with the Communist Party is effective, and it intends to implement and strengthen the opposition parties to fight together. Towards the vote count on the 31st, the election battle intensified.

The Liberal Democratic Party pointed out in a joint notice by Secretary General Gan Liming and Election Countermeasures Committee Chairman Endo Toshiaki that “there is an extremely urgent situation. Many small constituencies present a pattern of one-on-one contests between ruling and opposition parties.” In the past, there have also been unpredictable events. On the grounds of the election that reversed the situation in one fell swoop, “I hope to work hard.”

Kyodo News’ national telephone survey results show that nearly 30% of the respondents who have not determined the voters in the small constituency. Including the small constituency where the Liberal Democratic Party is slightly ahead, there are about 70 fierce battle zones, and cadres such as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (party president) will continue to go to the fierce battle zones.

On the 21st, Kishida went to Aichi Prefecture, where the Liberal Democratic Party has a solid support base, and called for “I hope to gather everyone’s strength and push for victory.” The Liberal Democratic Party will hold an election strategy headquarters meeting on the 25th as soon as possible to discuss strategies for the end of the election campaign.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Yukio Edano, rushed to the prefectures of Hiroshima, Okayama, and Aichi, which competed fiercely with the ruling party. In his street speech, he was aware of the non-partisan crowd and called for support, saying that “there will be a big change in the vote this week.” Edino will fight for mobile tickets, and will also visit large cities such as Aichi, Saitama, and Tokyo on the 22nd and 23rd.

Natsuo Yamaguchi, the leader of the Komei Party, criticized the opposition parties for fighting together in Tokyo and advocated the continued self-government power.

The Communist Party Secretary Akira Koike said in the capital: “The citizens and the opposition parties are fighting together. They are ready for regime change.”

Nobuyuki Baba, the secretary general of the Japan Restoration Council, who is showing an increase in the number of seats, tried to infiltrate the party’s territory outside Kansai, and delivered a speech in Fukuoka City. He emphasized that “the only political party that can reform is the reform.” (over)


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