Concerned about AirTag tracking whereabouts, hololive determines that it will reject fan gifts in the future | 4Gamers

Hololive, the Vtuber brand under Cover, issued an announcement today (2), confirming that it will no longer accept gifts from fans to Vtuber in the future.

Since every Vtuber has a birthday set, Cover used to receive birthday gifts from fans during his birthday, and then send them to Vtuber people. With the popularity of hololive, the gifts are also more and more diverse. Kiryu Cocoa before graduation He also set an amazing record of receiving more than 80 boxes of gifts.

However, this good intention is about to be cancelled. Baishang Fubuki and Tutian Pekra have already mentioned this in the live broadcast. Tutian Pekra mentioned that because the company is worried that fans will include the “recently sold small” in the gift. “Small GPS Tracker” (refers to Apple’s AirTag), so for safety, the practice of receiving gifts will be stopped.

Cover’s announcement stated that in the future, only fan letters will be accepted. The last ones who will receive gifts will be those who will have their birthdays in August, including the Great God Minor, Lion White Peony, and holostar player Yixian. In addition, these last gifts are also accompanied by some terms (most of them are old), such as must be direct delivery products from designated e-commerce companies (such as Amazon), not second-hand products, and so on.

It can only be said that the regulations must be set by people, not only the intention of these gifts, but in the future Vtubers will have one less topic for chatting with fans.


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