Concerns in Guyana, record of deaths in Russia … Update on the pandemic

A breath of fresh air that feels good. The decrease in the circulation of Covid in France continues for the fifth consecutive week. This, with an improvement in epidemiological indicators in all regions of mainland France. Because in the Overseas Territories, the situation remains very worrying in Guyana with an increase in the incidence rate and hospital indicators. This can be explained by the low early vaccination, one of the weakest in the country. In the rest of the world, the situation differs depending on the country. Overview.

60 million Americans will be able to receive a 3rd dose of vaccine

Some 60 million Americans are now eligible to receive a third dose of Covid vaccine from Pfizer, six months after their second injection, welcomed Friday Joe Biden, at the end of a regulatory marathon that highlighted the divisions of the scientific community on the issue.

The American health authorities finally recommended this booster dose for three categories of the population: people aged 65 and over, those between 18 and 64 years old with risk factors for developing a severe form of the disease (diabetes, obesity …), as well as those who are very exposed to the coronavirus in the context of their work or their place of life.

India to export 8 million Covid-19 vaccines in October

India will export eight million doses of the coronavirus vaccine by the end of October, after lifting its ban on sending doses abroad, a senior foreign ministry official said on Saturday. . Most of the vaccines will go to nations in the Asia-Pacific region, where those countries seek to counter China’s growing influence.

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical producers, India had said this year it would supply one billion doses of Covid-19 to other countries by December 2022, before halting exports in May, victim of a devastating coronavirus wave. The country faced weeks of vaccine shortages as the epidemic surged between March and May, which infected tens of millions of people and killed at least 250,000. The country has now administered nearly 840 million doses of the vaccine. Some 47% of the adult population have received at least one vaccine and 16% have received two.

In Guyana, worrying figures

Figures “never reached”, a situation “very worrying” … In Guyana, health indicators continue to greatly worry the authorities. According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), “21 Guyanese have succumbed to Covid-19” in the past seven days.

In this territory of 300,000 inhabitants, where one inhabitant in two is under 25 years of age, vaccination is still struggling with “30.5%” of people with a complete vaccination schedule among those over 12 years old according to official data . It is the lowest vaccination coverage of all the French regions, with Guadeloupe.

In Russia, a new daily death record

Russia, the most bereaved country in Europe, has recorded a new record of daily deaths due to Covid-19, in a context of sluggish vaccination. According to the assessment provided by the Russian government’s crisis center, 828 people have died from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. Since June, Russia has been hit hard by the Delta variant and has failed to stop its progress. According to a count from the Gogov website, only 28.4% of the Russian population is fully vaccinated to date.

Italy: compulsory return to office in public administration

The 3.2 million employees of the Italian public administrations will all have to return to the office from October 15, warned their minister on Saturday, commenting on an official decree published the day before. Public administration employees – starting with “counter and office workers” – will a priori all have to give up teleworking, which will only be an option in very specific cases being negotiated with the unions, Renato specified. Brunetta, Minister of Public Administration in Italy, in an interview on Saturday with the daily Il Messagero.

“Teleworking can be done only if it improves the services and the efficiency of the administration”, specifies the minister, who is skeptical about his real performance in the public services.

This obligation, which concerns only 5.4% of the Italian population, could involve more flexible hours for entering and leaving offices. Objective of this measure: to increase the vaccination rate as much as possible before the onset of the cold, which risks promoting a resurgence of contagions.

Havana’s terraces come back to life after nine months of closure

Thursday evening and almost by surprise, the Cuban authorities announced the “gradual” reopening, the next day, of restaurants and bars in much of the country, as well as legal and notarial services, all closed since January due to the pandemic of coronavirus. This reopening is justified by the “successful vaccination process”, underlined the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Diaz, but also the need for “economic recovery”, added the governor of Havana, Reynaldo Garcia Zapata.

It is a first step before Cuba reopens its doors to foreign tourists, from November 15. Cuba, faced with an increase in Covid-19 contagions for two months, has accumulated 839,981 cases, including 7,695 deaths. Already 42.8% of its 11.2 million inhabitants are immunized with locally developed vaccines, not recognized by the WHO, the goal being to exceed 90% by November.

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More than 4.7 million dead

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has killed at least 4,725,638 people worldwide since the end of December 2019. The United States is the country with the most deaths (684,357), ahead of Brazil (593,663), the United States. India (446,368), Mexico (274,139) and Russia (202,273). The WHO estimates, taking into account the excess mortality directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19, that the results of the pandemic could be two to three times higher.



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