Concerns over Lack of Support for Restaurants and Bars in the Federal Budget: Exploring the Potential Deterioration of Consumer Offer

2023-10-16 17:10:29

Ludivine de Magnanville cannot digest the new federal budget, due to a lack of additional measures for restaurants and bars. However, they are on the brink of the abyss. With a risk of deterioration of the offer for consumers. Article reserved for subscribers By Julien Bialas and Julien Bosseler Published on 10/16/2023 at 7:10 p.m. Reading time: 6 min

Just a week ago, the hospitality federations swallowed wrongly when they discovered the 2024 budget concocted by Vivaldi. To get their members out of the financial rut due to covid and inflation, they proposed this deal to the De Croo government: install slush funds (these cash registers supposed to sweep away tax and social fraud) in all establishments, including including those with a turnover of less than 25,000 euros. In exchange ? An increase in VAT on non-alcoholic drinks to 12% (compared to 21% currently), an indexation of the reduction in social security aid and an extension of gross-net overtime.

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