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The Dijin of the Police captured Alex Fernando Izquierdo Bueno in the municipality of Rionegro (Antioquia). The man is accused of having ties to Mexican criminal networks.

General Fernando Murillo, director of Dijin, said that the capture was achieved with the support of the authorities of Ecuador and the United States.

According to the Police, the man known as ‘Mexicano’ or ‘Mariachi’ had arrived in the city of Medellín weeks ago to establish criminal ties with leaders of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ and create routes for the trafficking of cocaine from the Caribbean coast to Mexico and the United States.

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The Police pointed out that the man has a long criminal record regarding drug trafficking from Colombia and Ecuador, to the United States, through Pacific maritime routes referenced and evidenced by the DEA.

The last operation was carried out at the end of January 2019, in New York City, resulting in the seizure by the North American authorities of approximately 1 million dollars, which were intended to be sent to Colombia and Ecuador in small fractions to different bank accounts, canon product of the sale of narcotics.

Also in February 2019, the US authorities in the state of Ohio seized approximately 40 kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram of heroin and 1 million dollars from ‘Mexicano or Mariachi’.

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The man has an extradition request from the United States

“During the investigation it was determined that this individual, who serves as a prestigious world-class concert entrepreneur, it used as a front events and shows to carry out money laundering and drug trafficking that it acquired in laboratories located in the department of Nariño, “said the Police.

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In his name appeared a company in Ecuador dedicated to activities related to the organization “of fairs and shows of a recreational nature, with games of chance and bets”.

Investigators pointed out that the DEA had been monitoring the man who had the structure to move two million dollars a month for two years.

The silver was entered into Colombia and Ecuador from the United States through the smurfing modality (in transactions of money of low amounts to accounts of people who only lent their name to make the movements.

They indicated that in Mexico he moved in exclusive sectors and appears as an organizer in that country and in Ecuador of events such as concerts and even races.

His partner of Venezuelan nationality who would be in Ecuador and who would be key in the scheme to launder the money of drug trafficking is being investigated.

The researchers indicated that the last year records a significant number of admissions to the country, especially to Medellín.

The drug from the network was taken through the Colombian Pacific coast, to be sent to Ecuador and later with a transitory destination to Central American countries such as Guatemala and Costa Rica, where the drug was delivered to the Mexican cartels of ‘Jalisco’ and ‘Nueva Generación’ of whom it was a direct line, to finally be commercialized in the North American market of New York.

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‘Mexicano’ or ‘Mariachi’ is requested by Interpol red notice, by the United States Court of the Southern District of New York
for the crimes conspiracy for drug trafficking purposes, conspiracy to commit money laundering and money laundering.

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