Concludes without agreement the meeting to extend the ERTE beyond January 31

The government, unions and employers have ended this Thursday’s meeting without reaching an agreement on social dialogue to extend the temporary employment regulation (ERTO) files beyond January 31, the date on which the current extension expires.

According to sources from the social dialogue in Europa Press, the Executive has submitted a new document to discuss with the social partners. Negotiations will continue over the next few days, although there is no scheduled date for a new meeting.

This afternoon, CCOO Secretary General Unai Sord stressed that “swords are still up” at the negotiating table to extend the ERTOs, he said in statements to Europa Press. The main obstacles would be both the exemptions and the request of the employer of flegitimize the maintenance of employment for six months.

For now, the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has advanced that the current ERTO scheme will be maintained, with some changes to speed up its processing. The ban on dismissal, dividends and overtime work, as well as a commitment to maintain employment for six months, will also be maintained.

In addition, workers affected by ERTO they will continue to have access to the benefit without a grace period, will not calculate the period consumed until January 2022 and the benefit will be equivalent to 70% of the regulatory base.

According to the latest Social Security data, at the end of December there were more than 755,610 workers in ERTO, although at the peak of the pandemic the number of protected workers reached more than 3.4 million.


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