Conditional sentence for anti-speciesist Virginia Markus

Antispeciesist Virginia Markus was sentenced Thursday to 100 day fines at 20 francs suspended for two years and a fine of 200 francs by the Police Court of the Coast in Nyon. The activist was notably found guilty of illegitimate appropriation.

She was also found guilty of violating the domain of secrecy or the private domain by means of a camera, coercion, trespassing of home and preventing an official act from being performed. The public prosecutor had requested a 120-day fine of 30 francs suspended and a fine of 300 francs against the activist Romande.

Paradoxically, although the Court found that the young woman was guilty of violating the secret domain or the private domain by means of a camera in the case of the Rolle slaughterhouse, she was exempted from penalty for these facts. Which had made it possible to highlight a slaughter that did not meet the standards in force.

‘Honorable motive’ refuted

The young woman was notably accused of two thefts: that of 18 kids (carried out with two accomplices judged separately) and that of 24 hens promised to the slaughterhouse. The defense lawyer had asked for a conditional and mitigated sentence ‘on the basis of honorable cause’.

The Tribunal refuted this ‘honorable reason’ as well as the ‘state of necessity’ in both cases. He ruled that the tools of Swiss direct democracy make it possible to wage an animalist fight while remaining within the framework of legality


When the verdict was announced, the author of the animalist manifesto ‘Disobey with love’ appeared unmoved. During her trial, she said she had ‘absolutely no intention of repeating actions of civil disobedience’, which worked in her favor. On the other hand, the Court deplored that the convicted woman did not ‘hesitate to harm others in order to impose her vision of society’.

Today, the 30-year-old Genevan says she wants to devote herself to the ‘sanctuary’ that she has set up in the Vaudois Alps with her companion Pierrick Destraz, son of the singer Henri Dé, himself a longtime vegetarian, and their association. She has indeed not been talked about for a year and a half.

Note that Virginia Markus was also ordered to pay 5624 francs in moral damages and damages to the breeder from whom she had stolen the kids. She will also have to reimburse the 5,813 francs for legal fees to this man. She has ten days to appeal her conviction to the Cantonal Court.



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