Conditions for the pensioner’s widow to benefit from his health insurance.. in details

The National Social Insurance Authority has provided an opportunity for pensioners To benefit from sickness insurance based on their desire by submitting a request for disbursement in return for a deduction of 1% of the value of the pension in favor of the insurance.

The National Social Insurance Authority indicated that the widow of the pensioner benefits from services health insurance In return for deducting the contribution value for health insurance at the rate of 2% of the pension value.

Health insurance for the pensioner’s widow

According to the authority, the widow of the pensioner is entitled to benefit from the health insurance system after his death, if he enjoys health insurance while he is alive, and if he works in the government sector, a company in the public sector, or the private sector, if he is a driver, baker or contracting worker .

Procedures for the widow to benefit from health insurance:

  • Submit a request to the insurance office where the pension file is located to deduct the health insurance at a rate of 2% of the widow’s share of the pension at the rate of (20 pounds per 1000) for the health insurance account.
  • Fill out the health insurance form with the knowledge of the specialist, attach a personal photo of the widow, and stamp the form with the republic’s emblem.
  • The widow submits the application for health insurance and receives a health insurance card on the same day.
  • Health insurance for the widow of the pensioner is optional, and it is not deducted from the pension unless she submits a request stating that and she is not allowed to withdraw after participating in it.

And she was Social Insurance Authority I mentioned earlier that it is not permissible in all cases for the pensioner who applied for not to benefit from the health insurance to abandon his request.

This came within the framework of achieving social security for the Egyptian society and providing insurance services with ease, sincerity and gratitude to those who spent their lives working for the advancement of the country and their families after them, to achieve equality and social justice at the highest levels of transparency through the adoption of a strategy of digital transformation and financial inclusion with the application of international standards and principles of governance. And achieving optimal investment for social security funds to achieve the financial sustainability of the system.

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