Conditions for Xie Zhiwei to carry the national flag: the Kuomintang should be Xi Jinping and scold all evil Communist bandits | Politics | 新头壳 Newtalk

Representative Xie Zhiwei in Germany published a media interview with him on Facebook po. The flag of the Republic of China occupies a huge area.Picture: Retrieved from Xie Zhiwei’s Facebook

The representative to Germany Xie Zhiwei licked some blue and white people and entered the third round. This time he let the words go as long as the Kuomintang chairman Ma Ying-jeou, Zhu Lilun and others dare to speak to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, “The evil Communist bandit has stolen the mainland. The Republic of China was wiped out… Our upright Chinese Kuomintang couldn’t accept it.” He immediately took time off and flew back to Taiwan at his own expense to carry the flag. In addition, he also questioned Ke Wenzhe, chairman of the People’s Party, that Taiwan is in trouble. In addition to talking coldly and being considerate of China, what else has he done?

Xie Zhiwei posted a post on Facebook for 3 days, from the “Flag Confession” on the 12th, the “Divorce Wife and Communism” on the 13th, to today on the 14th, he issued a “huge flag, I will bear it.” The article published two days ago was not only criticized by Kuomintang people for “not recognizing the national flag,” but Ke Wenzhe said sourly that he only asked him to really vomit blood and then help him intubate.

Xie Zhiwei’s report on Facebook po on the 14th to accept foreign media interviews, including the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the interviews with the largest citizen newspaper in Germany and Europe, the Pictorial, and the interview with the Pictorial this year, and the most annoying “Epoch Times” by the Chinese Communist Party. “(Epoch Times) Chinese-German version of the interview, not only the title clearly reads: “Taiwan Ambassador said: “We will resist until the last soldier””, and the oversized Taiwanese flag.

He asked the blue and white people if they saw it? Is it eye-catching? It means that it is for “Xi Jinping, not for you”! Xie Zhiwei opposed the Chinese Kuomintang’s betrayal of the “Republic of China” first, and later supported the CCP to intimidate Taiwan, saying that in accordance with the Constitution, the opposition parties must also be loyal to the country! But he put away the national flag to please the CCP, and still has the face to scold “you take the salary of the Republic of China.”

Xie Zhiwei asked the Kuomintang to notify Xi Jinping before choking in front of him. Without a word, he would definitely help carry the national flag to the end. If this is not possible, then on the eve of China’s National Day, it is okay to condemn Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party together with ethnic groups such as Chinese, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, and Hong Kong people who are persecuted by the CCP regime.

Still can’t do it? Xie Zhiwei ridiculed “then please shut up,” and you can’t shut up, just go to those natives, people from other provinces, and aboriginal people who were shot, assassinated, and imprisoned by your party for “spys” or “no reports of bandits”. It’s not too much to kneel down for three days and three nights. Let’s discuss whether or not this national flag is needed.

Xie Zhiwei finally returned to the carbine to slander Ke Wenzhe, and was heartbroken, “What evil did Taiwan have done to raise a wicked son like you?!” He said that even if Taiwan continues to decline, it won’t be a problem for Ke Wenzhe to ask China to “involve” and “control.”

Xie Zhiwei asked the Kuomintang to notify Xi Jinping before choking in front of him. Without a word, he would definitely help carry the national flag to the end.


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