Conference League: Accusations of anti-Semitism at the Union Berlin game – Sport

In the game against Maccabi Haifa, Jewish fans are said to have been insulted because an attempt was made to light an Israel flag. The club is asking for help with the investigation.

On the sidelines of Union Berlin’s European Cup match against Maccabi Haifa (3-0), fans of the Israeli soccer champions were apparently insulted in an anti-Semitic manner. In addition, attempts are said to have been made to light a flag of Israel, as reported by the Young Forum of the German-Israeli Society Berlin-Potsdam on Twitter. “In the mixed block we were threatened by Union fans, pelted with beer” and, among other things, “insulted as ‘shitty Jews'”, it says in a tweet: “A Union fan tried to set fire to the Israel flag of one of our viewers which fortunately could quickly be prevented by plainclothes police. “

There were also Union fans “who spoke out against this behavior,” it said, but the group “switched to the Maccabi block to be on the safe side”. For “the wave of solidarity online” and the “Union fans who showed their solidarity with us in the stadium”, the forum thanked them on Friday morning.

But they also expect “that anti-Semitism will be resolved in the stadium,” it said. Union asked via Twitter for help in identifying the alleged perpetrators. The Berlin police were not yet able to provide any information on SID inquiries.


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