Confinement: Castaner authorizes the prefects to “tighten the measures” in the event of relaxation

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner asked the prefects to “examine on a case-by-case basis” the “need to tighten the measures” in the event of “loosening” in confinement, according to Beauvau.

“Where signs of carelessness would emerge and where these rules would be circumvented”, the minister asked the prefects to take, “in conjunction with the mayors, the necessary measures, in particular to limit the practice individual sports, to ensure strict compliance with confinement “, we added from the same source.

“For the past three weeks since containment has been in place, we must salute the civic spirit and the responsibility of the French who have appropriated the rules and understood the stakes,” stresses Beauvau.

“However, with the return of the heyday, and the confinement being very likely to be prolonged, the risk is that of slackening,” we added to explain the minister’s decision.

Monday morning, the minister declared on France Info that “the French are among the whole world, of those who best respect confinement”.

“It is not according to the weather that we decide to go out or not, it is according to a fight that we are waging against the covid, and the risk is relaxation”, he added, while the spring weekend had given some people the desire to allow themselves an “exceptional” outing after 20 days of confinement, to the point that authorities and hospital staff reaffirmed the importance of remaining confined.

Monday, the president of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy, suggested being “strict” on confinement, some positive effects of which are beginning to be felt.

“After three weeks yesterday, with this beautiful spring weekend, we saw too many people on the streets, who did not respect the confinement or even the necessary rules of distancing,” he added.

In total, since March 1, 8,911 people have died in France. 6,494 of them died in hospitals, 605 of them in 24 hours, the worst daily assessment since the start of the epidemic.

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