CONFINEMENT – From the office worker to the content creator: What specifications should your laptop have to telework?

Turning the house into an office has been the challenge that many Spaniards have faced in recent months. The increase in teleworking, as a consequence of the social isolation measures approved by the Government to stop the expansion of the Covid-19, has led to adapting homes to the needs of a job and laptop computers have become the protagonists .

However, many users have realized that their technological equipment is not prepared to withstand certain workloads. Therefore, it is important to have some basic notions that help us understand what specifications a laptop needs to be able to work from anywhere, now that all the experts point out that teleworking will be an increasingly common situation in companies.

The practice of teleworking in Spain is below the levels of the European Union, with 7.5 percent of employees who carry out their workday telematically, compared to 13.5 percent for the European average, according to Eurostat. However, a recent report by the Bank of Spain reveals that 30.6 percent of Spaniards could work from home, a proportion that multiplies by two and reaches 60 percent when it comes to occupations considered as qualified.

“For a long time, creative professionals have been tethered to their desks. They needed very powerful computers to work with, which were generally in the office. However, the latest generation of laptops brings powerful specifications to a much lighter format, allowing video editing. in 6K, render complex scenes in 3D or broadcast live in the best quality from anywhere, “explains Gerardo Delgado, Sr. Product Manager at NVIDIA, from the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Speaking to Europa Press, this expert acknowledges that the Covid-19 has put workers and companies in an “incredibly difficult” situation, but adds that this very difficult moment coincides, however, with a technological leap that allows many professionals to work from distance. “This comes to pass in the year 2000 and it is chaos. Many processes in companies are being digitized in record time,” he added.


The current situation has caused many people to realize that it was outdated to work at home and those who had equipment from five or six years ago have advanced their renovation. Companies have also had to do it and laptop sales have soared in recent months.

From NVIDIA, one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of computer components, they explain that the trend is towards versatile portable computers that offer “all in one”, meeting the demands of work and personal uses in free time (such as gaming). “There are excellent NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU laptops starting at $ 1,000, meeting the needs of most professionals, while ‘premium’ RTX Studio configurations – computers created specifically for creative professionals – can be found from 1,600 euros “, details Gerardo.

This expert defends that “to keep thinking about separate machines is practically meaningless”. Many companies already allow workers to bring their personal device to work or use their work device for personal matters. In this sense, he gives the company telephones as an example: “Almost nobody has a company cell phone or a personal cell phone anymore. The same will happen with computers.”

In any case, it details what are the specifications that each type of user must take into account so that the purchase adjusts to their needs: whoever does the typical office work looks for a light laptop with a large battery; the user ‘gamer’, meanwhile, needs high performance (a good graphics processing unit -GPU-, like GeForce RTX) and a fast screen, at least 144 Hz; while a content creator has to incorporate a 4K screen with a wide color gamut, in addition to the dedicated GPU, as is the case with RTX Studio.


The term ‘content creators’ is in vogue and encompasses nearly 40 million people. This is a group that includes professionals from graphic design, 3D animation or photo editing to those who create content for their social networks, edit videos for YouTube or broadcast their creations or video game games live. A niche of users who require powerful computers to be able to work from anywhere.

The consumption of these latest contents has exploded in these last two months of confinement: the latest studies point to an increase of up to 55 percent in the consumption of videos on YouTube, a trend that is repeated on platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitch. “For many of these professionals, time is money. Being faster implies being able to take on a new project or spend more hours growing their social media profiles,” explains Gerardo.

For this reason, the American company has focused on these professionals with the NVIDIA Studio platform, which is ideal for aspiring artists and professionals in the sector, providing power to creative processes and minimizing waiting times with ‘renderings’ or when exporting videos, for example.

Until now, many content creators had no choice but to resort to ‘gamer’ computers to have the power they needed in a portable device. NVIDIA now works with the main manufacturers in the sector to change this situation and that there is an adequate team for each professional, where both power and design or functionality meet everyone’s expectations.

The main manufacturers in the market, such as MSI, Microsoft, ASUS, HP, Acer or Gigabyte, already have RTX Studio models in their portfolio. Similarly, NVIDIA works alongside some of the software programs most commonly used by creative professionals, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, to improve their performance. Thanks to this work, the process of exporting the videos has been made five times faster, among other advances.

And these changes are accompanied by other revolutions that will mark the next decade and in which the company is already working: “the adoption of Artificial Intelligence will help automate tedious tasks, saving professionals a lot of time, while the shape changes of Computers, with flexible formats or second screens on the same device, will offer interesting alternatives for questions such as video editing, “concludes Gerardo.


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