Confinement. The League against cancer is alarmed by the postponements of operations and delays in

Operations and postponed consultations, diagnostic delays : for people with cancer, with the second confinement “All the indicators turn red”, the League alarmed on Tuesday against the cancer.

“The inadequacies in the care of people with cancer observed during the first confinement are repeated during the second, worsening their situation”, underlines the League which has collected many testimonies.

“Act without delay”

“My first appointment with my urologist at Hospital X for the management of my prostate cancer (detected in January 2020), scheduled for April, has been postponed until the end of July 2020”, testifies one.

“For a follow-up of stage 4 lung cancer, very great difficulties in making appointments for thoraco-abdomino-pelvic scanner and brain MRI (imaging examinations), response from the secretariat: appointments are reserved to patients affected by Covid… ”, said another patient.

The league “Asks the public authorities to act without delay, so as not to sacrifice sick people with cancer during the 2e wave of Covid “, in a press release.

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“Screenings should not be stopped”

“It is not possible to wait until the end of the second wave or a vaccine to act; screenings should not be stopped despite confinement and all essential examinations should be accessible ”, underlines Professor Axel Kahn, president of the League against cancer.

“It is certain that tens of thousands of cancers will not be detected by the end of the year. Ultimately, this represents thousands of deaths that could have been avoided by early treatment ”, he believes.

The public authorities must launch a major communication campaign to reassure patients on the path of care, according to him, and “ above all, throughout the territory, secure places capable of ensuring the continuity of diagnoses, treatments and care pathways for people with cancer, sheltered from the risks of nosocomial Covid ”.

The recognized public utility association invites the people concerned to testify on the dedicated forum on his site or by phone (0 800 940 939) or email: [email protected]

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