Confinement: the Palace spirit of Royal Champagne comes to your home

“Make your bed squared” as in a luxury hotel, “Prepare a 5-star snack” for a Sunday morning. The Palace spirit comes home for this second confinement thanks to “5-star tutorials”. It’s the Royal Champagne, this palace nestled in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, which offers a new video on its account every Friday. Instagram.

The establishment in Champillon (Marne) has decided to keep in touch with its customers and with travelers looking for new horizons. “The idea is to take people behind the scenes of our establishment with the advice of the experts who work for us. You can learn to make your bed squared or to open a bottle of champagne like a pro, ”says Jennifer Delord, sales and marketing director of Royal Champagne.

Friday, chef Jean-Denis Rieubland will be in front of the camera. After having managed the two-star restaurant at the Negresco in Nice, he arrived in Terre Champenoise in 2018. “Our chef will show you how to make the perfect Avocado Toast with his poached egg, for a great breakfast in bed. These are very simple tricks that can easily be done at home ”.

In this gloomy period, Royal Champagne has decided to focus its ‘5-star tutorial’ operation on cocooning and well-being. “And from next week, the holiday theme will take over, with the decoration of the Christmas tree in focus. We want to show that we are not a ghost hotel and that despite everything, it continues to live and be decorated while waiting to reopen ”. Internet users will thus be able to find the design touch of the Palace in the next videos and why not be inspired by it to perfect the Christmas decor of the living room.

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