Confirmed! Dvořák goes to the third battle in the UFC. Who does he want to end before the limit?

David, what would you say to a Brazilian?

Paper is a very balanced opponent. In my opinion, this may be the first opponent I finish (in the UFC). I think I have it, I see myself as a better fighter. Matches are always different, anything can happen, but I believe that I will be even more dominant than in the last match.

What about your health, after the fight in September you had problems …

The leg is in a heap, I had another health complication, but I don’t want to say which one due to my opponent. I’m getting together, I’ve been training for a full three months, I’m just not pairing, which will change very soon now.

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So the match on May 22 suits you?

The match from May up is good for us, this will be the end of May, this is a great date for us.

Did you adjust your training after the second match in the UFC?

There have been a lot of changes, we have been learning an awful lot of things since the September match. I’ve been learning ever since, now we’re going to drill and drill to apply them in a match and be a completely different wrestler again. I learned a lot of kicks, new combinations, punches.

Patrik Kincl, Dvořák’s coach and manager
In the TOP 15, you can’t choose, if you want to climb up, you have to beat them all. However, they came to our aid with a postponement of the deadline, about three weeks, which is a plus for us. The match will be even, but when David’s match and preparation are fine, he can easily cross David like me on the playstation. A new contract in the UFC? These will be astronomical conditions, David will be a dollar millionaire (laughs). I can’t praise the communication with the UFC, everything is going well, smoothly, pleasantly. They will probably push us to make it more convenient for them, we will push it to the other side again.
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Traveling out is not the easiest, how do you plan preparatory camps?

I was in Poland for the last match and I traveled around the Czech Republic. It will be the same now, I dealt with England, but I would have to quarantine there, which is unthinkable. I will go to Honza Stach, I will be with us at All Sports, I will train with the boys from Top Athlete and go around the Czech Republic for sparring.

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How many trainings do you complete per week?

I have 11 compulsory and 3-4 voluntary, of which I have made voluntary compulsory. But I’m not doing 15 massacre trainings, no, we alternate it, technique, body work …

You have a contract in the UFC for four matches, now you have a third, do you feel pressure before a possible overtime?

Basically, wrestlers who have 2: 2 (2 wins and 2 losses) will get another contract if they don’t make a terrible match. I would not be afraid of new contracts, if I win, the next contract is 100% certain.

The fight will take place in Las Vegas, does this destination suit you?

The UFC now has three locations – Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. Personally, I’m glad to see Vegas again, because I’d like to see other places there.

And what about the time of ONE FC organization?

I would definitely not defend myself if I have it 3: 0 or 4: 0, I don’t want to run to another organization right away. Let’s say I’ll be in the UFC for three or four years, a lot of wrestlers do it like that, then they’ll say, I want a change, if I feel that way, I won’t defend another organization.

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At the beginning of February, did you take tests on FTVS, what did the sensors and graphs reveal?

It was very interesting. Maybe I boxed there for 30 seconds, after 15 you start to slow down, after 20 the person is tired and the last 10 grinds from the last one. I wonder what happens to muscles when they are so tired. I don’t have the results yet, I don’t know what I’ll find out, but the information will be taken mainly by the coaches, I’m mainly interested in the strength of the punch and then the comparison with other wrestlers, this is how they have it at the UFC Performance Institute.


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