Confirmed romance: the passionate photo that China Suárez chose to whiten her courtship with Rusherking

PS: Can we talk? (Telefe) invites those interviewed to share some of their most intimate secrets. Andy Kusnetzoff’s questions always manage to draw a tear or, in any case, a great revelation. In Saturday’s edition, the driver got a coveted scoop: Rusherking confirmed his link with Eugenia “la China” Suárez. After weeks of rumors and speculation, the singer decided to share the truth of their relationship. Nevertheless, The actress had already anticipated the young man’s statements through a series of clues shared on social networks. And moments later, she finished capturing it with a photo where she sees them very close.

China Suárez shared a photo with Rusherkinginstagram @bloodjaponesa

Rusherking and China Suarez They were, perhaps, two of the most mentioned names over the last few weeks. After the alerts were triggered that a new romance was in full swing, both the specialists in the life of celebrities and the curious users began to analyze each of their steps very carefully.

The advance of China Suárez before the confirmation of the romance

When Karina Iavicoli reported in show partners (eltrece) who had seen them close together while enjoying a hamburger, all eyes were fixed on their social networks. This research increased by transcending a video taken at the Martín Fierro after party, where they were seen together on the dance floor. From that moment on, the situation evolved very quickly.

He refused to give any information, but later They discovered that he had gone to lunch at China Suárez’s house. Even both young people starred in an uncomfortable moment in front of the cameras when They left a hotel but had to go in a taxi when they did not find their respective cars where they had been left.

China Suarez and Rusherking

Thus, they spent several days full of theories and speculations until, during his passage through PH: We can talk, the musician from Santiago del Estero admitted to being in a relationship. Timidly at first, but with a bit of confidence as he shared the story, he explained that they are in the process of getting to know each other and that he really enjoys spending time with Eugenia. “I fall in love as it is with me”, he shot in a fit of honesty.

Although for the fans of both and those passionate about the entertainment environment, the whitewashing was worthy of celebration, China Suárez had already anticipated the news in a very enigmatic way. Two hours before the young man stood in front of the television audience, she uploaded a couple of suggestive videos to her Instagram stories.

Rusherking confirmed his relationship with China Suárez
Rusherking confirmed his relationship with China SuárezInstagram capture

In order to spend the cold autumn night with a different activity, he set up an improvised stove and captured it with his cell phone camera. However, in the last shoot she zoomed in sharply to the point where the flames form, which cut through the darkness with a red hot. To accompany the clip, added a snippet from “Bandido”, a Rusherking song.

Later, around midnight, China Suárez did upload the photo that everyone was waiting for: she hugged Rusherking. Therefore, despite the fact that it was he who made the announcement first, the experts in network management managed to discover it much earlier thanks to the former Argentina: Land of love and revenge.

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