Confusam warns that “there are not enough personnel” to implement the vaccination schedule announced by the government


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During the morning of this Friday, the Chairwoman of the National Confederation of Municipal Health Officials (confusam), Gabriela Flores placeholder image, spoke about how he envisions the implementation of the calendar vaccination against Covid-19 announced by the Government yesterday Thursday after the arrival of Sinovac vaccines.

“Our criticism of the government, the president of the republic, is that first should have designed a vaccination process (…) and second that not enough staff”, Assured in the radio University of Chile. Along the same lines, he pointed out that “We are interested in this government providing resources so that mayors can hire additional support personnel”.

In the instance, the president of Confusam indicated that “The Cesfam are not enough spaces and are not enabled to host a large number of patients”, ensuring that municipal health services would respect the corresponding capacity, since “I am panicked by the number of infected that we are going to have”he commented.

The Undersecretary’s Vision

For his part, the Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Alberto Dougnac, indicated on this point raised by Confusam that “We will have to look for larger rooms. In that sense, they could be schools, they could be stadiums, they could be other types of facilities that can ensure that there will be no crowds ”.

For the time being, Dougnac stated that “Vaccines they arrived in Santiago, they are being transported to the 26 centers that exist nationwide depending on the health seremis and later they will be removed from the offices themselves ”.

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