Confusion about masks at the hairdresser – what really counts – Vienna

The mask requirement for body-hugging service providers in the federal capital causes confusion. The City of Vienna had the ordinance checked again.

The city of Vienna is again going its own way in the corona pandemic. While the mask requirement has been lifted in retail in the other federal states, it continues to apply in Vienna. Mouth and nose protection is also mandatory in cinemas and other indoor areas.

Special rule causes confusion

The mask requirement for body-hugging service providers causes confusion. The debate is now entering the next round. Since Thursday, July 22nd, many hairdressers in Vienna have been wearing mouth and nose protection again. According to “Wien heute”, the reason for this should be a special rule of the City of Vienna for service providers close to the body, “Today” reported. The excitement in the industry is correspondingly great, but according to the city this rule does not exist.

Specifically, it concerns the following paragraph from the ordinance: “(4) In addition to Section 9 of the 2nd COVID-19 Opening Ordinance, owners, operators and employees have an oral and Wear a close-fitting mechanical protective device covering the nose area. “

The hairdressing guild of the Chamber of Commerce informed the almost 1,600 members by email that a mask is again mandatory. This is how lawyers have interpreted the new ordinance. According to the City of Vienna, however, the “3G” certificate is sufficient. The regulation does not provide for a mask requirement.

“The fact is, as long as this regulation exists, applies – this is very clear – for the provision of body-friendly services, i.e. hairdressers and other, in closed rooms, mask compulsory for service providers,” explains constitutional lawyer Bernd-Christian Funk to “ORF Vienna”. Thus, the mask requirement does not only apply to hairdressers, but also to masseurs, for example.

Hacker: No mask requirement with 3G proof

The regulation meets with incomprehension among hairdressers, because customers do not have to wear a mask. The City of Vienna is now clarifying: With a “3G” certificate there is no mask requirement for hairdressers – that was never the intention, according to the office of the responsible city councilor Peter Hacker (SPÖ). The regulation has now been checked again – and from the point of view of the city, it is correctly drafted.

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