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In recent years, cleaning robots have become popular as an efficient and comfortable alternative for cleaning the home. There are very complete devices on the market that, thanks to technology, allow all corners of the house to be kept clean quickly and easily. They are no longer just vacuuming robots, but highly advanced devices that offer multiple functions in one device.

In the shop online Cecotec have this robot vacuum cleaner with laser mapping which has a 58% discount, saving 482.67 euros on the purchase. Shipping costs are free and if desired, the store offers the possibility of financing the purchase in three, four or six months. It fully adapts to your home, cleans under furniture, detects obstacles and prevents falling down the stairs.

Buy for € 349 at Cecotec

Vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub

This Conga model is equipped with the technology Only One It offers four functionalities to clean the house. Thanks to the fact that it has a mixed tank, a single device is capable of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing.

While in use, the robot purifies the air through its built-in high-efficiency filter, which retains a large amount of allergens and dust. Created to clean all types of floors and fine carpets, includes a rotating central brush and two other interchangeable brushes that prevent tangles: one made of rubber specially designed to clean animal hair and another made of double material suitable for all types of surfaces and dirt.

The robot can be operated very easily from the mobile phoneThe through an application and allows you to choose between ten different cleaning modes: Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart area, Restricted area, Manual, DeepCleaning, Scrubbing, Edges and Back home. In addition, it incorporates three modes of scrubbing that range from a more superficial wet cleaning to a more thorough one.

Conga 4090: the robot with laser mapping for vacuuming and scrubbing the home, now 58% off

Buy for € 349 at Cecotec

Programmable to pass only through selected zones

Another major advantage of the Conga 4090 is that it scans and maps the home for full 360-degree reconnaissance. An intelligent technology that allows you to plan the fastest or most efficient route for each of the rooms in your home.

In this way, through the system Room Detect, You can manage up to 50 different plans so that you clean only the selected space when you want. The system Multi MapFurthermore, it allows up to five different maps to be stored in the robot’s memory, something that is very useful, for example, when we want to set a restricted area where it does not pass.

The robot can be programmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be connected to voice control virtual assistants Alexa and Google Home. Through them you can, for example, start and stop cleaning, send the robot to its charging base or even locate the robot.

Buy for € 349 at Cecotec

Take a look at this three-in-one Conga model: broom, upright and handheld vacuum cleaner.

* The recommendations so that deliveries of online orders can be carried out with total security for distributors and customers indicate that direct contact between the two should be avoided, maintain a safe distance and wash hands after opening the package. All deliverymen are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of September 1, 2020.

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