Congo Check website, first laureate of the 2020 Francophone Innovation Prize

Published on : 18/11/2020 – 14:35

The 2020 Francophone Innovation Prize from the OIF, RFI and RSF is awarded to the three websites Congo Check (DRC), La Maison des Reporters (Senegal) and Haiti Climat (Haiti). Each year, this prize rewards innovations in content, in uses and in economic and organizational models that help strengthen press freedom and the populations’ right to information, values ​​defended by the three partners.

The first prize of 10,000 euros was awarded to Congo Check (DRC), an information site specializing in fact-checking, the only French-speaking structure on the African continent to be labeled and recognized by the International fact-checking network (IFCN). Composed mainly of young journalists present in several cities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it was notably very active in the fight against disinformation during the Ebola epidemic and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The second prize of 6,500 euros was awarded to The House of Reporters (Senegal), an independent information website offering surveys and audiovisual reports on social issues in Senegal and whose economic model is based on crowdfunding, in particular for carrying out surveys. The site offers its content in French and Wolof.

The third prize of 3,500 euros was awarded to Haiti Climate (Haiti), website dedicated to environmental issues and good practices in ecology and smart agriculture in Haiti.


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