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A sector of the opposition in Parliament does not rule out questioning the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, , if it does not satisfy the questions you will be asked , on the eventual closure of four mining operations in Ayacucho.

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Vásquez, last Friday, signed an act of commitment with the authorities and leaders of the Ayacuchan provinces of Lucanas, Parinacochas and Páucar del Sara Sara, where it was agreed to create an executive commission to negotiate the closing terms of the mining units in the headwaters from the Apumayo, Breapampa, Pallancata and Inmaculada basin.

The head of the Ministerial Cabinet also advanced an opinion, stating that the operating permit for these mines would not be extended.

The alternate spokesperson for Renovación Popular, Alejandro Muñante, considered that, if there was a “unilateral” decision on the part of Vásquez, when announcing the closure of four mines, without their participation in the work tables.

“This reveals an ideological bias on the part of the prime minister. The only thing it generates is instability and this measure would lead to unemployment of 54 thousand people […] We do not rule out the interpellation, if the minister does not satisfy the questions of the commission. [En ese contexto] we would be initiating the procedure for the interpellation, ”he told El Comercio.

The alternate spokesperson for Popular Action, Karol Paredes, said, in a personal capacity, that the head of the Cabinet has to give an explanation to the public about why the Executive is “cutting off the economy”, when the country is going through a fairly strong crisis in that sector. He added that the closure of mines, as the government is doing, is an irresponsible act.

He added that his bench is likely to take a joint position after hearing from Vásquez at the Energy and Mines Commission.

We are Peru’s alternate spokesperson, Wilmer Elera, said that the president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, should extend an invitation to the prime minister to attend one of the three plenary sessions that are scheduled this week. “It is a good time for her to reassure her, if she wants to rectify it. His actions have been totally wrong. Investment in Peru is going overboard ”, he remarked.

The Avanza País spokesman, José Williams Zapata, criticized the lack of communication between the PCM and the mining companies. He added that the Executive must clearly define its final position, because the Vice Minister of Mines, Jorge Chávez, will leave the doors open so that the mining companies that operate in Ayacucho can present their expansion plans.

“You cannot send this type of signals, which can cause investment problems in the country, particularly in mining. It is not healthy, “he said.

“There have been no unilateral decisions”

President Castillo on mining
President Castillo on mining

After different business associations asked him to take a position on the controversy surrounding the eventual closure of four mining operations in Ayacucho, the president He indicated that his administration will use “dialogue” as a tool to “resolve conflicts.” He advanced, in this sense, that the Executive will call the unions, regional and local authorities and communities to reach “consensus.”

“We are committed to progressively meeting the just demands of the population, there have not been and will not be any unilateral or arbitrary decisions, or on the fringes of the law. The government will convene business unions, regional and local authorities and communities to discuss these issues and reach consensus for the benefit of all Peruvians, “he said, in apparent response to Confiep, which accused the prime minister, Mirtha Vásquez, of going “above the rule of law.”

(Photo: Presidency of the Republic)
(Photo: Presidency of the Republic)

Castillo Terrones affirmed that his government wants the projects “to be developed with guarantee and responsibility.” “I call on the private sector to continue working for a more just, egalitarian, cohesive, firm, prosperous country, putting the interest of the country first, we must mark a clear unity,” he added

The president also warned that there are cries that want to lead the country “to the abyss and confrontation” and urged Congress, where a sector of the opposition is preparing a vacancy motion against him, to make “a single agenda” for the Peru.

The head of the Ministerial Cabinet, for her part, met in Lima with the ministers of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González, and of the Environment, Rubén Ramírez, among other senior officials of the Executive, such as the president in charge of the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA), Miriam Alegría, in order to address the situation of mining companies.

The PCM reported, through its Twitter account, that at the end of this meeting, it was decided to convene the representatives of the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (SNMP), “to establish an open dialogue that allows reaching consensus ”, As Castillo had advanced hours before in the White City.


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