Congress asks Nissan to reconsider its departure from Barcelona

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Nissan unites (almost) the entire Congress. The spokeswoman for the socialist parliamentary group, Adriana Lastra, has promoted a request to express, by means of a letter, the president of the Japanese multinational, Makoto Uchida, in which she expresses “the closed support for the continuity of the company in Barcelona”.

The letter has had the support of PP, Podemos, Cs, JpC, PNV, Bildu, Más País, Compromís, UPN, CC, NC, PRC and Teruel Exists. In it, Uchida is reminded that the Barcelona factory “supports thousands of jobs and hundreds of companies in our territory, hence the constant support and substantial aid that Nissan has been receiving from all administrations for years.”

Likewise, the signatory political forces understand that “the continuity of activity” in the Barcelona factory “would be good news” for the city, for Catalonia, for Spain, for Europe “and also for your company”. They also express their “determined commitment to the future of the automotive industry” and show that “strategies have been implemented to modernize the production model, in favor of the ecological transition, digital transformation and sustainable mobility”. .


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