Coni Roberts closed the cycle and leaves in good of the “Hello Chile”

There is nothing more typical than the earthquakes on TV at the end of the year. Some who do not renew their contracts and others who simply quit their job. The latter was what Constanza Roberts did last week, who took off from “Hola Chile”.

“How did you know?” Was the first thing she says when we catch her little pig. But then he gets away like when he learned to ride a treadmill without wheels.

“I resigned last week in good vibes and will work until November 30. I want to move, to do other things, to see what is happening on other channels ”, said“ Coni ”.

The blonde had already become a stable face of La Red, after 6 years on her screen. “Suddenly there are cycles that one is fulfilling and some time ago I came thinking that this was one, that one had already fulfilled. It is difficult for one to leave the comfort zone so I take it as a challenge to discover new things ”.

– Coni, what kind of show do you see yourself in? I see myself anywhere new. It can be a morning or a social program.

– Something like “Here we are all”. I love welfare programs. What they do in 13 fascinates me, in the end you are helping in a real and concrete way. It surprises me that it is only one channel that is doing this type of space.

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