Connected watch sales: One of the most beautiful sports watches loses €110

News bon plan Connected watch sales: One of the most beautiful sports watches loses €110

Published on 03/07/2022 at 20:30

In the large family of connected watches, Garmin has an outsider position against the giants of Samsung and Apple. But that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there! The proof with this Vivomove HR, which goes from €199 to €89!

Sales: Elegant design and huge price drop for the Garmin Vivomove HR!

In addition to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch, Fitbit, Xiaomi and Garmin share the list of the most popular connected watches on the market thanks to their elegant design distinguishing them from classic sports watches, to confront more lifestyle watches.

Proof of this is with this Vivomove HR, which has all the high-end features that any connected watch has, but above all offers an unplayable promotion. €110 less on the Boulanger merchant site (89€ instead of 199€), it’s a bargain not to be missed.

Buy the Garmin Vivomove HR for €89 at Boulanger

Sports sessions and daily life well managed with the Garmin Vivomove

The Vivomove HR could very well pass for an analog watch, with a sophisticated black design and a round, discreet monochrome screen, showing no sign of a smartwatch. Yet, it is well-endowed with smart features making it reach the high ranks in its class.

Its OLED screen has a resolution of 72 x 154 pixels. It has an integrated GPS mode and is capable of displaying notifications, alerts, the number of steps taken during the day, the distance traveled and many other useful information for your health.

Designed to continuously monitor your progress, the Vivomove HR offers sleep tracking, which analyzes the quality of your sleep as well as your periods of movement and rest. Add to that monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing rate and menstrual cycle tracking and you have a perfect smartwatch for everyday life.

For sportive people, Vivomove Sport calculates the calories burned during the day and balances calorific intake and expenditure. It will even send you inactivity alerts detected by implemented sensors to motivate you to get into the sport. With her sports coaching application, she provides personalized training while playing previously downloaded music.

Buy the Garmin Vivomove HR for €89 at Boulanger

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