Consciously.. Sisi: I want people to speak and have freedom of opinion

10:35 AM

Saturday 16 October 2021

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi arrived in the Sixth of October City this morning, Saturday, to inaugurate a series of alternative housing projects for unsafe areas.

Al-Sisi said in his speech: Those who work will be made from Egypt’s money, from our country, but please pay attention, Egypt’s area is like a desert, more than 90% of its land, and you go and build on the land that will become a source of livelihood for us, this issue is our cause for all of us, I am coming to the ring, The size of the buildings is huge, and all of them are unplanned and unhealthy, tell any reason, but we must stop at this, we will not be able to treat anyone but you, with the understanding of the Egyptians, you will say I want to build next to my land, and others will say, you will find the land that we cultivate, you will leave us.

In his speech, Sisi explained: As for the places that were subjected to torrential rains in the villages of Al-Saf, do the media talk about the government’s failure, and do I not speak consciously? I think I’m talking about the government’s failure.

Al-Sisi added: I want people to speak and express their opinion in it, but you still understand, so what happened is the fault of the state? There is no fault with citizens, nor is there a fault for us both. By the way, in all transgressions, who is fault? The localities say you are not able, because the lead is great, I repeat my words to record positions on myself, the government, and you, the issue is not an issue of one person alone. , I say this to awareness.


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